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The new Podcast/Docucast covering stories that will include topics such as the Mother & Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries and Orphanages run by Religious Organisations, and so much more.

SOFA TALK With B is an independently run Podcast/Docucast except were I will have an assigned film director/documentary maker, editor, sound technician.

If you have a story then please feel free to get in touch via the contact form on this website or on Facebook see below link, leave a contact telephone number where I can call you.

I will also be taking SOFA TALK With B on the road, I will be talking to various people in connection with their fight for justice covering many topics.

Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19 plans for filming in Tipperary in April past have had to be rescheduled.

I will be talking to several people in relation to the Mother & Baby Homes including two ladies who have their stories featured in my forthcoming book. Behind Closed Doors ‘The Baby Brokers’ Available on Amazon in a few weeks.

I will keep everyone posted on what’s happening including new dates for filming in Tipperary as we slowly begin to get back to normal pending Government rules regarding the Virus.

You will also find me on Twitter click the link below.

Belinda on Twitter

The Rules

There will be no bad press in relation to peoples businesses, if you have had a bad experience then blog about it by all means on your own social media.

Under no circumstances will there to be any talk that incites racial discrimination, discrimination against religion, discrimination against sexual orientation or anything that may cause harm to others.

(We can however talk about issues in relation to the above but without discriminating and or becoming irrational)

There will be no ranting and raving or foul language this is not what ‘SOFA TALK’ is about.

Whilst there will be individual Podcasts your private details will not be disclosed without your permission, anonymity will remain in place if you so wish, if a Docucast is being filmed a screen can be used to hide your identity if that is your wish.
You will be required to sign the relevant documentation prior to the interview and or filming of which you will be given a copy.