USA Trip: #belindatravelstheglobe

USA Trip 2020 – #belindatravelstheglobe

Well, you may remember I briefly touched on the subject of something big happening in 2019/20 and said I would reveal all soon.

So, here it is!

As I review travel, hotels and food I will be undertaking a trip around the USA which will also include many shots of photography in and around each destination.

I will be filming events and such while visiting each city/state, which will include some surprise guests, yet to be revealed.

I will touch more on what’s happening including who I will have on camera nearer the time.

There is so much planning to do as I take to my travels, I won’t just be reviewing travel, hotels and food, I will be talking to various people on various subjects.

Follow me as I take you on a journey of discovery, there won’t be blood but there will be plenty sweat and possibly even some tears.

I will be talking to some ex-pats on their journey, what it means to them and would they come back to the U.K if push came to shove? Has fame and fortune changed them and how?



New York – Connecticut – New Jersey – Philadelphia – Tennessee 

There May be a couple of other cities added to the above, yet to be confirmed.

My start point will be New York ending in San Diego

Arizona – Carmel – Los Angeles – San Diego

There May be other points of interest yet to be confirmed.

I will be visiting some very famous places and a couple of very famous people.

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