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Walking down the Isle is one of the most exhilarating experiences for any woman,  but walking down the Isle feeling like a million Dollars is definitely the First thing on her mind.

Adding these little beauties is the icing on the cake especially if you decide to have a Beach Wedding.




LA Style Wedding


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Here Comes The Sun.  LA 

Summer Wedding?  Is your own back yard big enough for the Event?  Then use it make the most of the space and save yourself the expense of a hall.

Your guests will love it and it will be the topic of conversation over and over again.




What’s Up #Scotland!!!


There is nothing more heartwarming than the sound of the Bagpipes

Something I have yet to see, and plan on doing so in the near future, when after living outside Scotland for a period of time and you hear the sound of the Bagpipes It really makes you appreciate where you come from.

Click the link below for your tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo