Cosy Corner

Credit- Daisy Maebelle

Photo Credit: Daisy Maebelle

This is definitely the look you want when having guests around in the summer.  BBQ in the day,  and this beautiful setting as the evening sets in.

Very tranquil and for sure to keep everyone warm as darkness draws closer.  Fire glowing, drinks flowing & You wouldn’t even notice time go by.



However Did We Manage

‘It’s funny the things we think of when we go back in time’

Remembering the old Telephone,  can you imagine how children would manage if we went back in time?  No Mobile Phones,  No Laptops,  iPhones, iPads  or even iPods.  I have to admit I don’t know where I would be without my iPad or my Laptop.

However I would give my right Arm to go back in time,  even just for one day!

Gosh!  I even wish I was back in High School.  My children say to me  ‘Are you serious?  you must be mad’  Well lets see what they will be saying when they get to my age.




Sweet Tooth

Kaz1Farrero Rocher Heart

Photo Credit: Kaz’s Kandy Karts (Facebook)

We all love Candy and whatever the Venue these are sure to go down a TREAT. I love the different variations to choose from & Colours that match the event too. Weddings – Christenings – Birthdays & many more.

Go on TREAT yourself…You know you want to ( I Do ).

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#BabyNews #PerezHilton


Photo Credit: Snuggle Feet


Happy to hear that Perez Hilton has announced the Birth of his Daughter Mia Alma.

If she is anything like her big Brother she will be a little Cutie and I’m sure his Son Mario is happy to have a baby sister to look after.


Feliz de saber que Perez Hilton ha anunciado el nacimiento de su hija MiaAlma. Si ella es cualquier cosa como su hermano mayor que ella será un poco Cutie y estoy seguro de que su hijo Mario está feliz de tener una herman de bebé que cuidar.





What A View


Photo Credit:

If I could do it all again this is what my guests would have to look forward to.  A beautiful Greek setting and what better way to do it.  This could also be achieved if your lucky enough to live by the water but definitely a summer setting watching the sun go down whilst enjoying the view.