The Red Carpet

The first time I stepped on the Red Carpet & ended up in a room full of Celebrities. (The closest I will get to the real thing, although I have met several) was a fab experience and I’m looking forward to it again in a few Months.

Madame Tussaud in Los Angeles for me is far more superior to the one in London although we have the advantage in London of having the Planetarium but as I was last there back in the early 80s,  it may well be a whole lot different now.

What makes this so different is the Movies and the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience which was out of this world,  I would recommend this to everyone should you be fortunate enough to go to LA.  One thing I would say though is give yourself at least half the day to experience everything they have to offer.  “For some the whole day”

LA is an extremely busy place with lots to do,  plenty places to eat and amuse yourself,  and of course lots of shops for you shopaholic.  There is definitely something for everyone.

There are also the Tour Bus’s which on the two occasions I’ve been to LA I didn’t have time to do but certainly will be doing this time so watch out for an update on that.

Chinese Theatre:

Right beside Madame Tussaud Hollywood, the TCL Chinese Theatre has been a cornerstone of Hollywood history and motion pictures for 75 years.  Take pictures with the handprints of Hollywood icons and celebrities and go on a tour of the theatre.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally recognized Hollywood icon.  With about 24 induction ceremonies annually broadcast around the world,  the constant reinforcement provided to the public has made the Walk of Fame a visitor favourite.  In the heart of Hollywood,  stroll the streets and see the stars on Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.





Yep! Those Where the Days

Back In The Day!

How many of us remember this?  We all do or at least those of us over Forty I reckon.  Just how many of us would love to go back?  When we sit and remember how we all played together not a care in the world.

It’s so true when time and time again our parent’s would say to us. “Don’t be wishing your Childhood away” I say it often to my children,  I can’t emphasis enough how important that statement is.

I only really remember snippets of my childhood “Some Good,  Some Not So Good” However that’s a whole other story of my life that will be Published soon enough.

I started writing a Book around Twenty years ago seems such a long time now,  I have since written a little more a couple of years ago and not looked at it since.  So busy,  there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to include it in my daily routine but I will get there.

One of the other things that springs to mind when I look at this photo are two Songs I love because I can identify with them in so many ways. “This Used To Be My playground  & The Great Pretender”  (In relation to my life growing up)  The words of those two Songs say it all really.

They do say!  We cannot live in the past but must look to the future…Just don’t forget to remember happy times. Memories can be a wonderful thing.




My First Holiday Oversea’s


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Hotel Lemar Colonia de Sant Jordi Mallorca.

I remember this like it were yesterday.  My first oversea’s holiday back in the 80s What a beautiful place,  a little Island off the coast of Spain with the most beautiful Cathedral. Even at night when the Cathedral is all lit up it’s the most stunning thing I have ever seen.

I will go back there one day and most likely nothing will have changed because there was nowhere else to build as it was bursting with hotel’s & apartments.  Further inland though was the most breath-taking tradition Spanish Homes, local people and Shops.

The Capital Palma is equally as beautiful but more lively,  I would say for the younger generation.

Hotel Lemar Colonia de Sant Jordi Mallorca.

Recuerdo esto como si fuera ayer. Mi primera ultramar de vacaciones en los años 80 ¡Qué hermoso lugar, una pequeña isla frente a la costa de España con la catedral más hermosa. Incluso por la noche, cuando la catedral está todo iluminado su la cosa más impresionante que he visto.

Me voy a volver allí un día y muy probablemente nada habré cambiado porque no había otro lugar para construir, ya que estaba estallando en el parece con el Hotel de & Apartments. Más hacia el interior, aunque fue el más impresionante tradición Casas españoles, la población local y tiendas.

La capital Palma es igual de hermoso, pero más vivo, yo diría que para la generación más joven.



Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


Ruth Elizabeth Davis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989), known as Bette Davis.

My Favourite Actress when I was younger,  such a talented Woman (God Rest Her) One of the movies I remember watching with such intensity was  “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”

I have to say though at first her voice seemed to scare me a little until I watched more of her movies and decided I actually really liked her.

Sometimes she portrayed a very hard woman and definitely a hard nut to crack but looking back I guess that’s what made her such a good Actress.



Dance Yourself Dizzy

Photo Credit: Freepik

Born To Dance

One of the many things I enjoy is a good old dance,  although I’m getting a little stiff in my old age.  I love dancing as much as I love a good song and long ago I would dance the night away,  not so much now.

I’ll still give it my best shot but I have to say if I was still dancing the way I used to I would look like a “Jockeys Whip”  by now.  What a way to lose weight though,  so for all you people out there who have tried Diet after Diet without success.

“Get those dancing shoes on”






Photo Credit: King & McGraw 

Jack Vettriano has to be one of my favourite Artists by far.  I just love when you look at a Painting and it tells a story I could spend countless hours in an Art Museum.

Bearing in mind I have to be in the mood to fully appreciate the beauty of Art.

Born in Fife (Scotland) in 1951,  Jack Vettriano began painting at the age of twenty-one For more than twenty years his paintings have enjoyed worldwide acclaim and he is now regarded as one the most well-loved contemporary painters of our time.

Guaranteed as future classics,  there is a cinematic quality to this collection of prints, hinting at narratives yet to unfold. Inspiring,  romantic and timeless,  add some grown-up glamour and nostalgia to your home.

Official Website




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I spent two nights in the MGM Grand and what can I say!  An  AMAZING Hotel.  I have never seen so much going on inside one place.  Extremely Large Shopping Centre,  Boxing Arena, Casino and much much more.

Las Vegas is so mesmerizing not only by day,  the excitement starts when night falls and everything is lit up with the most amazing themes its just so captivating and I look forward to visiting again.

My first night was downtown, staying at the Golden Nugget Hotel before going to the MGM Grand for two nights.

One of the things I loved in the day was the amount of Helicopters back and forth to the Grand Canyon,  not sure if I’m brave enough to try that one but will definitely think about it.

It was a four-hour drive to Las Vegas from where I was staying in San Diego, but I really loved that drive through the Desert.  On my next visit I’m going to check out the Trump Hotel which also boast equally amazing reviews.