#Psychology v #Psychiatry


Psychology v Psychiatry

In Mental Health

Although there are differences between the two they are often worked together, but which is the more beneficial when it comes to ‘Mental Health?

My personal thoughts sway more towards Psychology because I’m a firm believer in not pill popping for want of a better word.

I’m not saying that those with mental health issues shouldn’t take prescription drugs I am saying not all who have mental health problems need to be taking medication.

For example; Psychologists have a historical and more formal approach to exploring the abnormal state of mind.

Clinical psychologists work with a wide range of problems from eating disorders to schizophrenia and will specialise in cognitive therapy, also known as neuropsychology.

This results in getting to the root of the problem and working with the patient/client towards new approaches in thinking which in turn changes the behaviours of the individual.

Psychiatrists usually work with people who have more severe disorders, such as schizophrenia and may require some medical treatment, prescribed medication.

A psychiatrist will also look at the psychological factors of the individual in order to decide if and what medication is needed.

Like I said before medication is not always the answer, in fact not many people realise that some of the drugs provided for some issues are indeed only making the diagnosis worse.

So what is the difference between the two? Well, A psychologist will use techniques that get to the root of the problem in order to help with the thought and behaviour processes which in turn changes one’s train of thought resulting in changed behaviour. 

A psychiatrist basically prescribe medication when and where needed, they build their knowledge through observing unusual and distressing conditions in order to prescribe the correct medication.




Still No Answers #missingpeople

Still No Answers


It’s been almost five years since Allan went missing and yet nobody seems to know anything, which I have to add is rather strange, how can someone just vanish? Yes, I know this has happened to many other people but the Bryant family are holding on and the longer they hold the harder it becomes.

Statement from Allan’s parents…

Allan left our house around half past 8 on the 2nd of November 2013 to go to an engagement party at #Lesliegolfclub he was in a really happy mood when he left our house. After the engagement party Allan and some of his friends went to #StyxNightclub in #Glenrothes #Fife #Scotland. The last sighting of Allan is on #CCTV footage, showing him leaving Styx #nightclub at 2:02am on the 3rd of November 2013. Some of Allan’s friends are still present in this footage. When Allan left the club, he did not have a jacket on as he left it at an engagement party before he went to the nightclub by #taxi, Allan did not have any Money/Bankcard/Passport on him and did not have a mobile phone his mobile was broken a few weeks before. It was a cold night as it is in #November. Styx nightclub is no more than a 10 minute walk from our house. No one can vanish into thin air, It is impossible for no one not to have seen Allan after he left Styx nightclub. Every time Allan is out for the night, he either texts, phones or messages us on Facebook. Allan very rarely went out to nightclubs, only a couple times a year. He preferred sitting in with his mates, having a little drink and playing the Xbox. This is a living hell for our family we will never stop until Allan is found. Thank you all so much for your support it means the world to my family. If anyone has any information, please contact the #police on #101. You can even do this anonymously by calling #Crimestoppers on #0800 555 111

Please if anyone has any information you can contact the Major #investigationteam no matter how small you may think it is please email them operationtoner@scotland.pnn.police.uk Members of the public are also encouraged to use this address to assist the inquiry.

Someone out there knows what has happened to our son Allan please call the police and give them the information we so badly need no one needs to know your identity you can do this anonymously and end this living hell for my family

Please if anyone has any information no matter how small contact the police anonymously on 101 or crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or missingpeople.org

anonymously on 116 000



#Kindle or #Book What’s Your preference?

Kindle or Book

What’s your preference?

A poll last year 2017 Showed that there was a 5% rise in eBook sales which suggested that more people preferred eBook to Book.

The way I see it the scales are never balanced when it comes to preference certainly I prefer a Kindle when I’m traveling one for comfort and two because it just slips into my handbag and doesn’t take up much space.

Books however are definitely my preference in the home, you just can’t beat sitting back in a comfy chair with a book in hand.

I personally think that when Kindle first came on the market it was a big thing to have this awesome new technology but people soon came to realise that in fact a print copy is and always had been the way to go.

So i’ll Keep buying my books especially those I feel will look good on my bookshelf, but I won’t be letting go of my kindle anytime soon, I travel a lot so I really do need to have it tucked neatly in my handbag and kindles are extremely light weight too which is a bonus.



Sex Toys For Teenagers, Really?

Sex Toys For teenagers, Really?

Would you give you’re teenage child a sex toy?

I thought I heard it all until I watched this on This morning Seriously? For a start and for the love of God let children be children.

The individual who decided that this should be really needs to give themselves a good shake, never have I heard of anything so idiotic.

Okay, So our children are at the age of sixteen legally able to have sex, which is all well and good, but do you really think that they are mentally and physically in touch with their emotions?

Children are already growing up way too fast and it’s of my opinion to let them continue to grow and be children, can you imagine ‘Or perhaps we shouldn’t’ You’re daughter of say fourteen is bored with the movie you decide to watch as a family.

It’s ok (Jane Doe) Go to your room if you like and play with your Vibrator? Nah, not on my watch.

I wouldn’t even allow my daughters to bring their partners into our home go to their room and make love to them while I sit in the next room and they are almost 18 and 19.

Another thing, how many parents really want to be sitting their 13-19 year old down and say to them ‘I think you should have a vibrator so that you can experience pleasure’ Neither would any child I know go to their parents to discuss such an issue.

Respect and morals have taken a back seat over the last thirty years or so and we need to get that back, I would never have taken my boyfriend back to my parents home let alone used a sex toy in my room while they sat downstairs.

Pleasure comes with having a partner (Hopefully a long-term one at that) Finding your emotions and experiencing pleasure is all part of the feelings you have for one another, there is plenty of time to be thinking of sex toys.

Can I just add Phillip, no offence but you’re make-up artist has over-done it a little this morning.



Skin Deep #SkinDeep

Skin Deep

Have we really moved on From differentiating between the Races?

It’s a well-known fact that there is no genetic basis for race, it was a label made up to separate us.

Why do we wait until someone is dead before taking action and coming to the conclusion that indeed there is not difference? An example being Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr was killed in Memphis yet it took forty years or more to name a street after him but why did they name that street after him? Was it because they believed in him and wanted to keep his memory alive, were they pressured to do so or was it guilt?

The subject I really want to talk about is the Windrush Scandal I can’t begin to tell you how awful it makes me feel knowing that those who came to the U.K are being treated so badly.

Yes, I get that there have been many who have come to the U.K. since the Windrush who are here illegally, but I blame the Government.

There is one thing that the Government fail to remember here though and it’s high time the stood up and took stock of the fact that for most who came to the U.K. Blood, Sweat and many Tears have been shed.

It was after WW2 the British Government invited thousands from the Caribbean to come and help rebuild our country they had been granted FULL Citizenship as members of the commonwealth.

They took on some of the dirtiest jobs to help rebuild the U.K. not to mention jobs that some U.K. citizens thought were beneath them, what thanks did they get?

Now the Government have decided (In my eyes) We needed them, we used them now we want them to go back.

Well, NO that’s not how it works guy’s sorry to burst your bubble.

The Government say it’s because they cannot produce the documentation to prove that they have a legal right to be here, they are forgetting something, they invited them they gave them full citizenship.

The Government ordered the documentation to be destroyed almost ten years ago. Right? I do wonder why? 

My thought is; concentrate in those who are and have been entering the U.K. Illegally this last twenty-five years or so and deal with the problem of over-populated illegals who are sucking dry the system.

I could go on and on but it would take me a whole day to try to put the world to rights and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of people out there who might cause a stir if they knew what I thought of this so-called Government and what I think of their shenanigans in that Kindergarten (House of Commons)







I’m Human Like All The Rest

I’m Human Like All The Rest.

A not so short analysis of me!

I hate to be rude, yet I’ll straighten that crooked picture on your wall and snap off your blaring TV set.

I love people but hate large crowds, I’m as gentle as a dove and go around mediating and patching up quarrels between others, but I enjoy a good argument myself.

I’m good natured and pleasant, but I can be sulky and I hate taking orders.

I’m reasonably intelligent yet incredibly naive and gullible and I’ll talk your ear off if given the chance, I’m an incredibly good listener if you need me.

I’m a very restless person and always in a rush or hurry. ‘Are you confused? Your not alone, I quite literally confuse myself at times.

Lots of people will tell you that I’m in love with beauty, sweetness and light, that’s fine as far as it goes, but it stops a little short of accuracy. 

I am however in love with the ‘Thought’ of beauty, sweetness and light.

Don’t ever think I’m perfect,  it’s a very rare occasion that I am, in fact, I’m very often one way or the other.

I can be annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, and restless, almost always I have a markedly pleasant expression, even when I’m angry I will manage to look mild or at the very least neutral, just don’t piss me off.

I’m the only person I know on this earth who can say ‘I hate you and I’m going to punch you in the face’ and sound as though I’m reciting ‘oh, how I love you’ Unless of course you have really crossed the line. ‘Care to put it to the test? I thought not.

I’m not fat I’m full of curves not angles and my hair is as curly as it get’s (Often Wishing I had inherited straight hair instead) I can never make up my mind if I have made a mistake or not, I can be very indecisive I’ll talk up a storm and monopolise the conversation, then I’ll listen intently with flattering interest.

When others are fighting I’ll be the peacemaker and smooth their ruffled feathers.

I seek harmony in everything and everyone, I don’t like shouting nor do I like being shouted at.

For days, weeks or months I can be too busy to play, I burn the midnight oil which can wear others out just to watch me, then suddenly I’ll sit down on a chair and say ‘I’m bushed’ and give the best imitation of laziness you’ve ever seen. Actually once I’ve sat down you won’t get me moving a muscle if I can help it, but I really need to be burnt out to sit down in the first place.

It will be an effort for me to even pick up a cup, if there is anyone around to do it for me, I’ll willingly sit there and let them.

If you try to tell someone who has been exposed to my lassitude that I’m a creature of powerful drive, someone else will say ‘That lazy bum’ 

My character is made up of equal parts of kindness, gentleness, fairness, plain cussed argumentative, stubborn refusal to capitulate, philosophical logic and indecision.

I’ll argue with you about what time it is,  for instance if I think your watch is a minute off. I hate lateness you either have to be bang on time or early like me or it sets me off.

Nothing is more painful than watching me trying to make a decision without going into the why’s and what for, I hate to be pushed and hurried, once I’ve made my decision that’s it.

Impulsive people who don’t stop to consider the consequences give me panic attacks.

I’m scrupulously honest in business and as a whole, I would rather get it right than make a false start and I hate exaggeration.

I have a love of books and writing you’ll find a small library in my home or certainly you would have if I hadn’t had to give most away to charity for lack of space.

I love the harmony of properly used words in books and in poetry, I love art, if a picture tells a story then you have my uninterrupted attention.

I have a dry sense of humour but can be very witty, although often it takes a while for the penny to drop.

I’m a neat and tidy freak; okay, I’m hugely OCD I like everything in it’s place and facing a certain way, if I see one bit of fluff on my carpet I must Hoover the whole carpet sometimes it’s so bad I drive my family nuts.

I’m a little old-fashioned and that drives everyone nuts, I don’t like men doing household chores unless of course the woman is so ill she can’t do it and they offer, I would never ask my hubby to do it.

In business I’m fair, square and always on the level I cannot continually sit behind a desk, I have to get my hands dirty like my employee’s, I won’t ask a member of staff to do something I can do myself. 

I get restless so always have the need to be moving and doing, in spite of my often shy, gentle manner, I’m not an island.

There’s always a need to communicate with others, I’m a persuasive talker and a great debater and I can sway a roomful of people effortlessly. 

I’m an amazing saleswomen I don’t just ‘talk the talk, I walk it too’ and I’ll work happy in my surrounding, just don’t distract me.

I’ll love you today for what I disliked of you last month, I’ll never hold a grudge my frowns are only skin deep, but my smiles are real.

I’m far more likely to avoid a nasty scene than to court one, there may be a little ice around the edges, but ice melts.

I’m tactful and diplomatic I get along with anyone, treat me right then there is no need for tension.


You’re only human, you don’t have to have it together every minute of every day.

~Anne Hathaway

               Belinda x

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Republished with new front covers, ‘Through My Eyes’ My story through poetry.

Republished with new front cover ‘The Empty Swing’ fictional short story.

I have been asked by several readers when the second part of ‘The Empty Swing’ Is coming out, I left this book hanging as I wasn’t sure if I should do a sequel but now that I have been asked it is something I am going to do.

The story will continue and the title ‘Life After Lily’ I am aiming to publish next year 2019, as right now I have to finished ‘Dear Diary’ Due for release this coming summer.

Also coming out in time for Children In Need My first children’s books with all proceeds going to the said charity.

Dec/Jan will see the release of my next novel ‘House of Darci-Lee’ and all that in between travelling.

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