City Hotel – Dunfermline #review

City Hotel Dunfermline

It almost never happened! You can imagine how excited I was knowing that I was going to spend ‘An Evening With Peter Andre’ Only, it didn’t happen.  Cancelled by Kong Events

Unfortunately the event had been cancelled 48 hours previous,  gutted is an understatement.

Never mind though all money paid will be refunded. (Still keeping an eye on the bank account though)

As the hotel had been booked with no cancellation we decided to keep the booking and have a night away.

So glad we did, that is myself and my husband, extremely pleasant and professional hotel staff.

On arrival I thought to myself  ‘It looked rather dated’  However, I was quite surprised once inside, Yes, it’s an old building and Yes, there are many original features but they have upgraded area’s that give the hotel a very ambient feeling.

We had a few drinks at the bar after unpacking and before going out to dinner, in what I can only describe as a very chilled and relaxed atmosphere, the bar staff as per were all professional and one in particular (Whom we forgot his name) Ooops! Was very knowledgeable of the area.

Next morning we went down to breakfast and had the Full English very ample and was extremely glad they cooked my poached egg as requested.


We decided to try the local Italian Carlucci Italian Restaurant for dinner and glad we did, on the menu was exactly what my Hubby and I were looking for, I cannot fault the food at all.  Top Notch!  Beautiful setting and professional staff.


The hotel is situated in a little town with plenty of shops, places to eat and drink, as well as local history.

I would definitely recommend. City Hotel Dunfermline



The Beauty of Dundee

The Beauty Of Dundee – Hotel Review

Set in a former textile mill (Jute-Spinning) with natural brick walls, stunning lighting and bespoke furniture it was hard to find something I disliked.

On entry I was quite taken back to find beautiful antique furniture and vintage pieces that you would expect to find in an antique shop, however, this was no antique shop!

As I approached the hotel which, at first glance had me thinking I was stepping into the set of a Harry Potter Movie; I was actually quite shocked to find such eye-catching accessories inside.

Alice, the reception manager was a very friendly and well spoken Lady who had a wealth of knowledge about the hotel’s history, one of the things that I found quite pleasing to hear was the fact that the hotel staff were at the forefront from the start, including their input into the interior design.

The Hotel is run by IHG Group I would recommend you download their App for a host of benefits to suit all your needs.

The bedrooms are of the most exquisite taste and upon entry gave me a feel of being back at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. ‘It can’t be that good, I hear you say’

Well, actually it is, the interior design is very similar to the MGM and the layout as a whole, extremely well laid out and exceptionally clean.

The views from the 5th floor are outstanding with a bird’s-eye view of the River Tay, the Railway Bridge and so much more, not forgetting the Bell Tower.

The Queen size bed with cotton sheets was luxurious and the white tiled bathroom with stunning bath and large walk in shower was such a treat, and last but not least the super fast WiFi.

Restaurant – Food

The Daisy Tasker restaurant is on the ground floor very well-lit and laid out, with a stunning Bar most definitely fit for the high-end of the market.

Charlotte, the young Lady who waited on me from the moment I stepped inside was very polite and accommodating.

My evening meal was as follows; Poached Chicken Caesar – Anchovies, Parmesan & Salt Baked Potatoes. (Highly Recommended ) I savoured every mouthful, in fact if I wasn’t so full I would have ordered it again. This was of course washed down with a couple of glasses of Amaretto.

Breakfast for me wasn’t as good as I would have expected, I have had much better so that was a little of a let down, however, it was edible.

So would I stay there again? Absolutely

Would I recommend to others? 100%

There is so much to see and do in the centre of Dundee, which is where the hotel is situated so that was a huge plus right away, I didn’t have enough time to stay long enough to visit the Museum etc, so if you go give yourself time to check it all out you won’t be disappointed.




Book Design Now Complete

Behind Closed DoorsThe Baby Brokers

I just wanted to keep you all updated on the final design of ‘Behind Closed Doors’ A few adjustments e,g Overall look of the cover.

I am now planning my trip to Ireland around Feb/March 2019 and hope to have you on board, please get in touch if you would like to have a short version of your story included the book.

As I have mentioned before, the royalties for this book will be donated to various committees/organisations to help with the running costs of commemorations etc.

In the event that in the very near future the majority if not all the children buried in unmarked graves will be given a proper burial and named plaques, then all monies raised for the book will also help to pay for such.

However, those who wish to have their story in the book will be credited with their name unless they have asked for anonymity.

It is important that the story/stories I tell are fact and I will have documentation and or links to collaborate such, photographs taken by me will be copyrighted and those that I otherwise obtain will be credited to the source.

Without those who are connected to the Mother Baby Homes telling their stories there is no drive for justice, no mother should have their child taken from their arms, no child should be handed over to complete strangers unless it is a mutual agreement and done so legally.

While I fully understand that there are mothers who had their child taken away without their consent and who hold that secret deep in their heart and children who were taken away from their mothers who do not wish to persue any contact either way, please understand that what took place in such institutions was 1. Against the law and 2. Inhumane.

I cannot imagine my own child being taken from me and handed to another individual to line the pockets of the church and or state and my heart is broken at the thought of those poor little souls in Mass Graves, being buried in nothing but a cloth and with no name.

Belinda x

“>Let’s Chat

Behind Closed Doors


‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers

(Secrets that shook the nation, a commodity to the Church & State)

Why have the Church failed to tackle the issue of not only the abuse but the illegal adoption of children in Mother & Baby Homes?

The Clergy e,g many Priests & Nuns had committed the unthinkable yet the Vatican orchestrated and facilitated the cover-up of thousands of raped and abused children, not to mention excepting money in large sums for the illegal adoption of many children.

One of the things that came to my attention while attending the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations was the fact that they used the word ‘Donation’ I mean Really, They actually called the money they received for children Donations.

Just one of the reasons I have decided to write this book, only, I will be donating (After Overheads) The proceeds not only to Sean Ross Abbey committee but other Mother & baby Homes Committees for the hard work and dedication they do in memory of the lost babies.

Every year the mothers and babies are remembered and with the likes of Sean Ross Abbey having this year July 2018 erected not only a bench but the beautiful plaque (See Above Photo) in their memory which comes from donations, I would like to help others for future projects in keeping that memory alive.

There are many individuals who connected and unconnected to the mother and baby homes who think that they should (Let sleeping dogs lie, for want of a better word).

I may or may not be connected having found through my family tree that members of my own Irish family lived in Tuam (Still in the process of research) However, I am in full support of the survivors having not only justice but to have ALL documentation relating to their families released and for them to have named plots to remember those who were sadly buried in unmarked graves.

The Story – Mass Grave

The story of Sean Ross Abbey came to my attention after hearing of the ‘Tuam Babies’ Were approximately 796 children died between 1925-1961 and I say children lightly because it’s believed that most were infants.

What bothers me is the fact that they were buried in a Mass Grave, I cannot understand why or how anyone could be so cold as not to give them a proper burial? (With all the ‘Donations’ as the church called them) then why? They made enough money out of the illegal sale of other children.

But it’s not just all of the above that has touched my heart, it’s the forgotten mothers, the mothers whom the church denied, whom the church called a disgrace to society, and the children whom they shipped off without a care in the world, the lies that they told the mothers and children, the falsification of documents for which they clearly thought would never come to light.


Whilst I am researching every angel of this horrific and heartbreaking story I need you, were you or someone you know connected to the mother and baby homes? If so please get in touch if you would like a little of your story told.

You can still have your side of the story told even if you would prefer anonymity your private information will NOT be published if you don’t want it to.

You can private mail me on the links below and I will call you with arrangements.

Facebook (Private Message)

Twitter (Private Message)

And of course here at Just click the Contact button above. 









#MotherandBabyHomes #BehindClosedDoors #TheBabyBrokers

Mother & Baby Homes – Behind Closed Doors – The Baby Brokers

In Support of All Mothers & Children of Sean Ross Abbey & All Mother and Baby Homes.

In the last 35 years or so I had learned of the Magdalene Laundries and why exactly young girls had been sent there and more recently after hearing of the Tuam Babies Scandal (Which broke my heart) decided that I wanted to understand more of what was happening in these places.

Five years ago I was invited to the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations but unfortunately due to other commitments was unable to attend the first three, but did however attend the fourth and this years Commemorations in Roscrea, Tipperary Ireland.

After attending the last year accompanied by my husband we decided that we would show our support every year from then on.

‘Not long after our return from last years 2017, it was all over the news about Smyllum Park Orphanage only seven miles from my own home town’

I am happy to say that this years Commemorations at Sean Ross Abbey was of much bigger attendance and I hope each year will be bigger and bigger.

This year we had the unveiling of the Bench & Newly made Plaque in memory of Sean Ross Abbey Mothers & Children.

I have now decided to add to my page on  Facebook   more support for the cause, one of the things I have learned through doing my own Family Tree is that I am able to get access to some Irish records over here in Scotland that the those in Ireland are unable to.

I also want to help fight for those in the Republic of Ireland to be able to have the right to gain access to their Birth Certificate & All Documentation in relation to those who have been Adopted.

The U.K. have the legal right to all such documents and it should be no different to the Republic of Ireland. Re: Freedom of Information Act 2014


I have a new book in the pipeline ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers I will be keeping everyone up to date with the progress and publication date in due course.

I will be looking for individuals who have a connection to the Mother and baby homes who would like to share their story. The purpose of this book is not only to have a short version of your story told but to donate to the Sean Ross Abbey Committee and others in Funding the amazing work they do and will continue to do in keeping the memory of loved one’s alive and so much more. If you are interested in talking to me please get in touch on messenger or my Website: you can also email me:


#StoreClosures #HouseofFrazer

Store Closures

So I’m Hearing lately about various store closures House of Frazer, Mothercare are just two of many.

House of Frazer are to close several stores as part of a reconstruction deal that will give control of the retail chain to the Chinese owner of Hamleys.

This could potentially put hundreds of jobs at risk, then of course there is Mothercare both these retailers as well as others have been around for so many years, it saddens me to know that they may in the future no longer exist.

The deal with House of Frazer in closing a number of it’s 59 stores in renegotiating rents with landlords through a company arrangement (CVA) insolvency process which is expected to be launched this month.

House of Frazer is a 169 year old department store a brand name that many have come to love and respect, it was established in Glasgow as Arthur & Frazer back in 1849. ‘So what’s going on?

The sad reality is, landlords are charging an astronomical amount of money for their stores resulting in price hikes for many them.

Sadly in this the 21st Century stores are dropping like flies because their biggest competitor is online shopping, so not many people aren’t walking through the shop door anymore.

Here’s the thing though, while I’m all for online shopping and life made more easy, it’s not so great for and especially the older generation, who incidentally do not or may not have access or be able to use the internet. ‘So what now?

We no longer have Butcher shops etc except in some villages, remote one’s at that, I remember as many will back in the 70’s 80’s and beyond ‘What Every Woman Wants’

I think if my memory serves me correct the last of those stores became defunct around 2003.

It was so easy and a pleasure to walk to our nearest high street to that brand named store or to our local village butcher shop, ‘sad times now though.

My thoughts have been swayed back and forth while I reminisce about the past and our now current situation when it comes to stores, internet and various other changes that has happened in the last forty years or so.

While it’s good to go forward and technology being the way to go, it’s not so good that so many old-fashioned ways of everyday life has changed so fast and not always for the better.

Everything, and I mean everything has changed so much that we are going back instead of forward when it comes to finances, health and general everyday life.