My Book Reviews

My Book Reviews

As a relatively new author I wanted to add a few of the reviews I’ve had so far; ‘Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home’ ‘Secrets & Lies’ (Both Non-Fiction) – ‘Tears On My Pillow’ (Poetry) It’s hard when you first become a writer especially when you are writing about yourself; I mean where do…… Continue reading My Book Reviews


Diary 2017/18

What I’m up to next… 2017 June – Prague The largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague home to a number of famous cultural attractions. The city has more than ten major museums, along with numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas, and other historical exhibits, so I can’t wait to get my camera ready for some stunning…… Continue reading Diary 2017/18

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The excitement is too much,  I don’t know where to begin. Redwater the spinoff from Eastenders takes Alfie (Shane Richie) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) off to Ireland in search of the son that unbeknown to her at the time had been taken away by the nuns and given up for adoption. Producer Domenic Teadwell-Collins has…… Continue reading Redwater


Theresa May announces she wants to bring back fox hunting | The Independent

So Theresa May wants to keep this vile blood SPORT Yes! Sport because that’s exactly what this disgusting act is. I don’t know if she has actually taken part in this or if she just wants people on side, but I for one would like to explain exactly what is involved in such a horrific…… Continue reading Theresa May announces she wants to bring back fox hunting | The Independent

In Memory

Sean Ross Abbey, Roscrea

  Commemorating the Women and Children of Sean Ross Abbey Roscrea Sunday 27th August 2017 This is the 4th annual event held on the grounds of Sean Ross Abbey Roscrea in the Angels Plot please feel free to come along on the day and support us For more information click the link below. Sean Ross…… Continue reading Sean Ross Abbey, Roscrea

Health & Wellbeing

Alex Reid Training – #alexreidtraining

What’s it all about: ‘Alex Reid Training’ is Celebrity Big Brother Winner and Mixed Martial Arts Expert Alex Reid’s Official Personal Training and Nutrition Business. Get Lean, Fit and Healthy with his Online Personal Training packages for all. Follow detailed training plans and meal plans in order to achieve your goals. Wherever, whenever you can!…… Continue reading Alex Reid Training – #alexreidtraining