Woman Talk #PODCAST

Woman Talk #PODCAST - NAME CHANGE (See Update, SOFA TALK With B) It won't be long now, five months until my new PODCAST launches all baby steps but have I got some very exciting guests to chat to next year 2020. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the ball, with much more coming from … Continue reading Woman Talk #PODCAST


Stop Digging #stopdigging @georgegalloway @jamesenglish0

Stop Digging!   Another wonderful interview by James English with our very own George Galloway, a man whom I think should be our Prime Minister, a man who stands for what he believes in, that being peace amongst all people. As a supporter of George Galloway I have nothing but good to say about him, … Continue reading Stop Digging #stopdigging @georgegalloway @jamesenglish0

#PERSUE #Magazine April 2019 Issue 4

#PERSUE #Magazine April 2019 Issue 4 It's here the April Issue of PERSUE with my review on Tony Macaroni, including BREXIT Yes or No? as well as my Harmony White Bedding from http://www.KellyHoppen.com and much more. Read my Interview with Shannon Mcmillan crowned Miss West Lothian 2019 and see who made photography of the month? … Continue reading #PERSUE #Magazine April 2019 Issue 4

It’s The Little Thing’s That Give Me So Much Pleasure.

It’s the little thing’s that give me so much pleasure. Who would have thought That I would get so much pleasure from a simple little gift? So, for Mother’s Day my girls got me what is known as the ‘PAPERANG’At first glance I thought “ Oh, another camera wonderful” However, it wasn’t a camera as such. So … Continue reading It’s The Little Thing’s That Give Me So Much Pleasure.

Point to Point – Horse Racing

Point to Point Horse Racing Here are a few of the shots I took above, feel free to see more on my Facebook page at Belinda Travels The Globe. I had a very interesting day on Saturday 23rd March at ‘Overton Farm’ In Lanark at the Horse Racing, a first for me and very much enjoyed. … Continue reading Point to Point – Horse Racing