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How Do You Choose?

Wedding Flowers Photo Credit: Interflora Most Asked Questions: When should you start thinking about your wedding flowers? Where should you look for inspiration? What flowers should you choose? How can you make your wedding bouquet really personal? Just some of the questions that you may ask yourself and trust me there are heaps more. But…… Continue reading How Do You Choose?


Belinda Travels The Globe

  Belinda on Bloglovin Follow Me As I Take You On An Adventure 2019… Big plans are under way for 2019, it’s all a Big Adventure so stay connected and I’ll keep you up to speed. There will be lots to talk about, lots to see and do, as I reveal all the best places to stay,…… Continue reading Belinda Travels The Globe

Belinda's Home & Garden

It’s All Coming Together

It’s All Coming Together After several weeks of painting & decorating and furniture shopping it’s all starting to take shape,  there’s still away to go though including outdoors front garden and back. So much to do and not enough hours in the day, however I’m feeling pretty pleased with what’s been achieved so far. Come…… Continue reading It’s All Coming Together

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Conflict In The Middle East

Photo Credit: Gaza Sky 1 You Tube. The first time I visited East Jerusalem was back in 2011 and my first thoughts were, what a beautiful city but I couldn’t help asking myself why all this conflict? I always knew of the conflict between Israel and Palestine but like most people because we don’t understand…… Continue reading Conflict In The Middle East


It’s A Wrap

  Photo Credit: M. McCool living_on_the_internet Instagram A very productive day today out with the photographer, but boy the heat really was too much to stand at times. A mix of photos for a future project, all will be revealed in good time, for now though I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself because I’m coming to the…… Continue reading It’s A Wrap