Flying Justice For Andrew Jones From The UK To LA

  Flying Justice For Andrew Jones From The UK To LA  As I pack my suitcase for my trip to California there is one item I mustn't forget, the one thing that I has been on my mind for some time now. Andrews Justice... Last year after writing my review on John McArdle's book You Never Said [...]

Father’s Day – My Father’s Eye’s

Father’s Day It’s Father’s Day Again, My Thoughts Turn To You, Wishing You Were Here With Me, But Then, What Could I do. They Didn't Tell Me That You Existed, Until It Was Too Late, Now Every Father’s Day, My Heart Will Alway’s Break. I Have Your Picture In My Hand, Trying To Imagine, The [...]

Sean Ross Abbey Sunday June 26 ..2016

  Bennies Flowers If you would like to donate flowers to the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations then please follow the link below. "Keeping The Memory of All The Mother's and Babies Who Sadly Lost Their Lives" The third annual Sean Ross Abbey and Bessboro mother-baby home commemorative services will be held on the grounds of [...]