Sex Toys For Teenagers, Really?

Sex Toys For teenagers, Really? Would you give you're teenage child a sex toy? I thought I heard it all until I watched this on This morning Seriously? For a start and for the love of God let children be children. The individual who decided that this should be really needs to give themselves a [...]

Dangerous Game

  Dangerous Game Produced by Amar Adatia & Calum Best. Credit to: IMDb   Dangerous Game is a supposed action packed British heist movie. When Chris (Calum Best) gets mixed up with the Russian Mafia and Algerian Gangsters while trying to help his best friend pay off a large debt, he has to decide if he [...]

The Odd Couple

  Photo Credit: Howden Park Theatre I said I would do my review of 'The Odd Couple' over the weekend but I just had to do it tonight, after the show. Based on the popular Hollywood Movie and Television Series, this female version of Neil Simon's light-hearted comedy tells the story of mismatched flatmates. Florence who [...]