Sex Toys For Teenagers, Really?

Sex Toys For teenagers, Really?

Would you give you’re teenage child a sex toy?

I thought I heard it all until I watched this on This morning Seriously? For a start and for the love of God let children be children.

The individual who decided that this should be really needs to give themselves a good shake, never have I heard of anything so idiotic.

Okay, So our children are at the age of sixteen legally able to have sex, which is all well and good, but do you really think that they are mentally and physically in touch with their emotions?

Children are already growing up way too fast and it’s of my opinion to let them continue to grow and be children, can you imagine ‘Or perhaps we shouldn’t’ You’re daughter of say fourteen is bored with the movie you decide to watch as a family.

It’s ok (Jane Doe) Go to your room if you like and play with your Vibrator? Nah, not on my watch.

I wouldn’t even allow my daughters to bring their partners into our home go to their room and make love to them while I sit in the next room and they are almost 18 and 19.

Another thing, how many parents really want to be sitting their 13-19 year old down and say to them ‘I think you should have a vibrator so that you can experience pleasure’ Neither would any child I know go to their parents to discuss such an issue.

Respect and morals have taken a back seat over the last thirty years or so and we need to get that back, I would never have taken my boyfriend back to my parents home let alone used a sex toy in my room while they sat downstairs.

Pleasure comes with having a partner (Hopefully a long-term one at that) Finding your emotions and experiencing pleasure is all part of the feelings you have for one another, there is plenty of time to be thinking of sex toys.

Can I just add Phillip, no offence but you’re make-up artist has over-done it a little this morning.




Dangerous Game


Dangerous Game Produced by Amar Adatia & Calum Best. Credit to: IMDb


Dangerous Game is a supposed action packed British heist movie. When Chris (Calum Best) gets mixed up with the Russian Mafia and Algerian Gangsters while trying to help his best friend pay off a large debt, he has to decide if he puts his career on the rocks by embarking on a spree of dangerous robberies that could end up with him in prison, or possibly dead.

Okay, So I have to hold my hands up here because when I first watched the trailer the first few seconds had me thinking this was going to be a B Movie, then after that few seconds I’m thinking; ‘Actually I think this just may be alright’

First off I have to hand it to Calum Best the emotion in his eye’s could be felt right through the screen of my tv in one particular scene,  I knew exactly what he was thinking in order to get ready for that scene, those who have watched it will know what I’m talking about including the rest of the cast.

Calum plays the main character Chris Rose, (Professional Footballer) at first I kind of thought; ‘This isn’t going to work, It’s hard to imagine him in a movie’ Especially as I’ve met him and know that he is known for other things e.g Fragrence, Reality tv, Modeling and much more, but hat’s off to him because he played the part well.

Darren Day who plays Demetri I have to say played his scene really well as the Russian. Because when I realised Darren was a member of the cast I didn’t think he would cut it. He did and he did it well, well done Darren.

Alex Reid who plays the footy chairman done a little shouting which was pretty spot on as that’s how they roll in football, got to say though he really played the part well and looked pretty dapper in his suit.

Amar Adatia played the part of (Adam Chopra) The debt ridden Jack the lad, the typical roll of a friend of someone who aspires to be just like his friend, just as it is in real life.

I did have a little giggle to myself when detective Graham Crawford, played by Gary Webster came out of the station ‘Oh one more thing’ in that typical Columbo style right down to the jacket over his arm, however was nice to see him in Dangerous Game.

Overall I would recommend Dangerous Game, for me there was room for a little improvement in one or two scenes but as they saying goes!

I’ll be checking out more of Amar’s work and certainly look forward to what he brings to our screens next and the one I’m waiting for is Requiem (A suicidal girl falls in love with a fallen angel) Due for release this year.

Now to Amar & Calum, nice touch there at the end what a twist and couldn’t help the tear in my eye for Josh.

Just when I thought it was finished ‘BANG’ Totally shocked and did not expect that. Well done to you both.

Available from most major stores and online Get Your Copy Here

Watch The Trailer Here

My little antidote

So would I like to be invited/attend a film screening before its release? Hell ye! I need to write my reviews before and after.





The Odd Couple


Photo Credit: Howden Park Theatre

I said I would do my review of ‘The Odd Couple’ over the weekend but I just had to do it tonight, after the show.

Based on the popular Hollywood Movie and Television Series, this female version of Neil Simon’s light-hearted comedy tells the story of mismatched flatmates.

Florence who is recently separated from her husband, highly strung and a neat freak and Olive who is divorced and easy-going in the extreme.

Add to this a pair of macho(ish), posturing Spanish brothers, living in the upstairs apartment, who are desperately hoping for a little ‘action’ and the scene is set for some hilarious situations which test their friendship to the limit.

And Hilarious it was, I thought it was a little slow into the first ten minutes, then it started to pick up Florence played by Alison Carcas seemed like the ‘I’ve Got It All’ type until her husband dumps her then she becomes the eccentric over the top ‘How Dare He’ type add to the mix a little OCD. An extremely funny cocktail.

Then there is Olive played by Louise Fairnie your typical normal down to earth type of friend that everyone needs, that is until you rain on her parade and equally as funny as the rest of the cast.

In walks the two Spanish Macho neighbours Manolo played by Shane Whittle and his brother Jesus played by Craig Potter. What a pair they were and had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears.

Definitely one to go see, if you’re a fan of Comedy I promise you wont be disappointed.

I’m certainly looking forward to future productions from this cast, well done guy’s.


Louise Fairnie as Olive

Alison Carcas as Florence

Suzanne Smail as Sylie

Lynne Hurst as Mickey

Allyson Coleman as Renee

Gina Verker as Vera

Shane Whittle as Manolo

Craig Potter as Jesus





NARCOS – Pablo Escobar


NARCOS – Pablo Escobar y el Cártel de Medellín

Temporadas 1 y 2

¿Por qué empiezo? ¿Cómo puedo encontrar las palabras para describir lo increíble que fue este espectáculo y cuánto espero que la temporada 3 y 4 que viene en 2017?

Desde el momento en que vi el primer episodio me enganché, ¿cuáles son mis pensamientos sobre la historia y los involucrados? Bueno, vamos a decir lo que creo que no todo el mundo estará de acuerdo.

Recuerdo vagamente las Guerras de Drogas colombianas en la década de los ochenta a partir de las noticias, pero como adolescente no fue algo que presté mucha atención, aunque estoy bastante seguro de que habría tenido algo que decir si hubiera vivido en Colombia, Entonces de nuevo puedo haber estado casada en esa forma de vida también?

Nadie puede sentarse en juicio a menos que hayan estado allí, está bien decir ‘Omg No me hubiera quedado casado con un hombre que era capaz de matar a aquellos que él sentía traicionado él! Yo diría lo mismo, pero si yo estuviera en esa situación yo correría o lo haría usted?

He dicho muchas veces que no lo digas a menos que hayas caminado sus zapatos y haya vivido el tipo de vida que para algunos no hay otra opción más que recurrir al narcotráfico o cualquier otro medio para sobrevivir en un país pobre, O un corrupto en eso.

Sí dije que la palabra otra vez corrompió porque todos sabemos muy bien que en muchos países hay corrupción ya gran escala también.

Usted realmente necesita mirar Narcos desde el principio para entender lo que estoy diciendo que con toda seguridad no será decepcionado.

En cuanto a Wagner Moura Quién jugó a Pablo Escobar lo que un actor maravilloso absoluto me quito el sombrero a él jugó esa parte tan bien, en realidad me enamoré de su personaje, tanto así que tenía una lágrima en el ojo más tarde En el show no puedo decirte por qué porque no quiero estropearlo.

Miré Pablo Escobar Documental Completo después de ver las dos temporadas que me ha confirmado que hay de hecho una o dos historias en el show que no son o no eran verdad que fue confirmado más tarde por el hijo de Pablo Juan Pablo Escobar Henao Ahora conocido como Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos. Entrevista con Juan Pablo Escobar

Te digo que me encantaría entrevistar a Sebastián ya María su viuda, me gustaría oír en sus propias palabras lo que era para ellos tener que lidiar con todo lo que había en aquel entonces.

Siento por María que ella hizo lo que muchas Esposas católicas en Colombia y muchas otras habrían hecho ella atrapada por su hombre, pero sobre todo mantuvo a sus hijos en tierra.

También me siento por el padre de Pablo, que claramente amaba a su hijo, pero le rompió el corazón que vivió de la manera que lo hizo y que cometió crímenes tan horribles, y mientras estoy en el tema del crimen recuerde que había miembros de la ley (DEA) que ayudó a Los Pepes que eran igual de no tan malos como el Cártel de Medellín.

Agradezco a todos los que actuaron en Narcos que eran simplemente fabulosos en cada uno de sus papeles Pedro Pascal como Javier Peña, Wagner Moura como Pablo Escobar, Pauline Gaiten como Tata y Boyd Holbrook como Steve Murphy pero para nombrar unos pocos. Al equipo de producción que en la producción de la demostración me había agarrado de principio a fin.


La ambición y la crueldad de Pablo Escobar, el narcotraficante colombiano, lo convirtieron en uno de los criminales más ricos, poderosos y violentos de todos los tiempos.


Pablo Escobar, nacido el 1 de diciembre de 1949, en Antioquia, Colombia, entró en el comercio de la cocaína a principios de los años setenta. Colaboró con otros criminales para formar el Cártel de Medellín y eventualmente controló más del 80% de la cocaína enviada a los Estados Unidos. Ganó popularidad patrocinando proyectos de caridad y clubes de fútbol, pero posteriormente las campañas de terror que resultaron en el asesinato de miles de personas . Fue asesinado en 1993.

Crédito y para leer más: Pablo Escobar Usted puede ver la temporada 1 y 2 en Netflix y seguir en Netflix Twitter.


NARCOS -Pablo Escobar


NARCOS – Pablo Escobar & The Medellin Cartel

Seasons 1 & 2

Were do I begin? How do I find the words to describe what an amazing show this was and how much I am looking forward to season 3 & 4 Coming in 2017?

From the moment I watched the first episode I was hooked, what are my thoughts on the story and those involved? Well lets just say what I think not everyone will agree.

I vaguely remember the Colombian Drug Wars back in the 1980/90s from the news but as a teenager it wasn’t something I paid much attention too, although I’m pretty sure I would have had something to say had I lived in Colombia, then again may I have been married into that way of life also?

Nobody can sit in judgement unless they have been there, its ok to say ‘Omg I wouldn’t have stayed married to a man who was capable of killing those who he felt betrayed him! I would say the same but if I were in that situation would I run or would you?

I’ve said many times don’t say it unless you have walked their shoes and lived the kind of life that for some there are no other choice but to turn to drug dealing or whatever other means in order to survive in a poor Country, or a corrupt one at that.

Yes I did say that word again corrupt because we all know too well that in many Countries there is corruption and on a wide scale too.

You really need to watch Narcos from the beginning to understand what I’m saying you most certainly won’t be disappointed.

As for Wagner Moura Who played Pablo Escobar what an absolute wonderful Actor I take my hat off to him he played that part so well, actually I fell in love with his character, so much so I had a tear in my eye later on in the show I can’t tell you why because I don’t want to spoil it.

I watched  Pablo Escobar Full Documentary  after watching both seasons which has confirmed to me that there is indeed one or two stories in the show that aren’t or weren’t true which was later confirmed by Pablo’s Son Juan Pablo Escobar Henao Now known as Juan Sebastian Marroquín SantosAn Interview With Juan Pablo Escobar

I tell you I would so love to interview Sebastian and Maria his widow, I would like to hear in their own words what it was like for them to have to deal with everything that went on back then.

I do feel for Maria she done what many devoted Catholic Wife’s in Colombia and many other’s would have done she stuck by her man but most of all kept her children grounded.

I also feel for Pablo’s Father who clearly loved his son very much but it broke his heart that he lived the way he did and that he committed such horrific crimes, and while I’m on the subject of crime remember that there were members of Law Enforcement (The DEA) who helped Los Pepes who were equally if not as bad as the Medellin Cartel.

Credit to all who acted in Narcos who were simply fab in each of their roles Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña, Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar, Pauline Gaiten as Tata and Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy but to name a few. To the production team who in producing the show had me gripped from beginning to end.


Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s ambition and ruthlessness made him one of the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminals of all time.


Pablo Escobar, born on December 1, 1949, in Antioquia, Colombia, entered the cocaine trade in the early 1970s. He collaborated with other criminals to form the Medellin Cartel and eventually controlled over 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. He earned popularity by sponsoring charity projects and soccer clubs, but later terror campaigns that resulted in the murder of thousands turned public opinion against him. He was killed in 1993.

Credit to and to read more: Pablo Escobar You can watch season 1 & 2 on Netflix and follow them on Netflix Twitter.



Pride and Prejudice


Starring – Joannah Tincey & Nick Underwood

21 characters, 2 actors and 1 of the most romantic stories of all time…

A sparkling interpretation of one of the most loved stories of all time, this is a must for Austen fans and those looking for a thrilling new piece of theatre. Fun, fast and – most importantly – romantic, this chance to catch the whole world of Austen brought to life by just two actors is not to be missed.

I’m extremely late in posting my article on this event, shame on me but I have been up to my eyes this last two weeks.

However I have to say, this was one of the most enjoyable performances considering it was played by just two actors and very talented actors they are.

To have the ability to switch roles in the manner in which they were capable of doing takes real skill, love and confidence in the roles in which they portrayed.

I would most certainly recommend that you go see this play, I love period drama’s and this theatrical performance most definitely done Pride and Prejudice justice.

The timing and quickness of the various roles were switched in such a professional fashion that could only be done by professionally, dedicated actors.

Well done Joannah Tincey & Nick Underwood

This performance runs until Friday 25th November click on the link for your nearest theatre.

Click Here





Snow White & The Seven Wee Muppets!


Snow White & The Seven Wee Muppets!

An all Singing, all Dancing Wickedly Wonderful Family Panto with a modern twist on the classic tale.

Jamie McKillop – Joanne McGuinness – Neil Thomas – Lee Reynolds – Lisa Henderson

Well, It’s that time of year again, yes folks its ‘Panto Time’ and after last year’s ‘Its A Belter Of A Cinderella Story’ I made sure I was first in line for my ticket’s to this year’s Panto.

This is definitely not to be missed, at Webster’s Theatre Glasgow you can take you’re family & Friends alone too.

Pre book a table for food and drinks before hand at very affordable prices, go on make a night of it!

This year’s panto is sure to have you in stitches as last year’s had me crying with laughter.

Check out my article in the drop down category box and you can read just how good a performance last year’s panto was.

Click the links below which will take you to the box office for your ticket’s but be quick they sell out very fast. I’m including a link to Insideout Productions on Twitter as well as Webster’s theatre and my own.

I can promise you an unforgettable evening of laughter.

Box Office

InsideoutProcuctions on Twitter

Belinda on Twitter: insideoutlastyle

Websters Theatre, Address: 416 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9HZ Telephone: 0141 357 4000 – If you wish to contact the theatre: