It’s The Little Thing’s That Give Me So Much Pleasure.

It’s the little thing’s that give me so much pleasure. Who would have thought That I would get so much pleasure from a simple little gift? So, for Mother’s Day my girls got me what is known as the ‘PAPERANG’At first glance I thought “ Oh, another camera wonderful” However, it wasn’t a camera as such. So … Continue reading It’s The Little Thing’s That Give Me So Much Pleasure.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors  Designer Handbags, Clothing, Watches & Shoes What every woman wants is to look her best and what better way to do it?  I’m looking forward to visiting Macy’s while in Oceanside, San Diego to pick up another accessory from one of my favourite brands Michael Kors. Oh, and by the way the Bag, … Continue reading Michael Kors

Harmony White Bed Linen @kellyhoppen

Harmony White Bed Linen There’s nothing nicer than getting into bed feeling ready for a good nights sleep, especially when you have the best bed linen and by the best I’m talking sheer comfort. Theres only one person I can name that gives us just that... ‘Kelly Hoppen’  ‘Bedrooms Should be inviting, comforting and calming. … Continue reading Harmony White Bed Linen @kellyhoppen