I’m listening to the updates on the #Covid-19 situation and shaking my head wondering when, if at all will it all end? 2020 has been a very tough year for so many people and so many sectors. I have so much to plan and happening in the coming months including my documentary over in #Ireland, … Continue reading Covid-19

#Coronavirus #COVID-19 And all this Panic Buying

#Coronavirus #COVID-19 And all this Panic Buying Can I just begin by saying PEOPLE, we are not in the midst of a 'Zombie Apocalypse' I really needed to get that out there, however, it is no laughing matter. What is wrong with people? There are so many people who think of nobody but themselves and … Continue reading #Coronavirus #COVID-19 And all this Panic Buying

#BREXIT I Hear You Say!

BREXIT I Hear You Say! This morning I logged onto my social media, cup of tea in hand and I start to flick through my mail and catch up with what's happening around the world. It was then I saw this amazing piece of writing and just knew I had to share it, of course … Continue reading #BREXIT I Hear You Say!