Psychological Issues

Psychological Issues

Very often psychological problems stem from unhappiness from various situations in life, like the break-up of a relationship, death of someone we love, unemployment, feeling of no longer being loved by friends or family, loneliness but to name a few.

The symptoms of unhappiness can often be mistaken for or associated with mental illness, which isn’t often the case.

However it’s very easy for a doctor to prescribe unnecessary medication/drugs to combat the way people feel.

Pharmaceutical companies are making millions from so many ailments that can simply be treated by. ‘Just talking’ Being listened to’ or simple by ‘Being there’ when needed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that Mental Health is not an issue, of course it is, but the medical profession need to differentiate between the two.

It’s all too easy to throw some pills at individuals and leave them to get on with it, they say that the NHS is drained of resources, NO, The government, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are making way too much money so aren’t about to have you go off and talk to someone who can help you.

There are of course more serious issues that do need addressing and again throwing pills at people isn’t always the answer, in fact some of these drugs they give to patients are actually making the situation worse.



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Matt Fiddes Martial Artist Self Defence In Schools


Photo Credit: Matt Fiddes (Facebook)

I have to take my hat off to Matt Fiddes Facebook not only a (Martial Artist, Celebrity Trainer, Entrepreneur and Former Michael Jackson Bodyguard) He is extremely dedicated to Self Defence.

More and more men, woman and children are taking these classes because it’s not just about defending yourself in unwanted situations as many people think, there are unlimited benefits that help individuals not only with confidence but with discipline and respect as well as health and fitness.

The benefits that I am particularly passionate about are confidence, discipline and respect which I’m sure will have a great effect when it comes to bullying, a subject that I amongst others want to see stamped out in school’s.

I follow Matt and keep up to date with his events and vlogs the amount of work that he dedicates to his program is amazing and I personally feel he is someone every child should look up to, an absolute inspiration.

Matt has started a petition Self Defence In School’s  I think this is a great idea and will most definitely benefit our children not only in the way they think but how they can approach potentially unwanted situations.

I’ve signed, as has many others but there is still many signatures needed, have a look and please sign.


Please visit the Official Website below to sign Matt’s petition you will be supporting a great cause. 👇🏼

Click Here To Sign

Learn As You Lift


Photo Credit:

I have to say Calum is looking amazing right now, all the hard work and determination is definitely paying off. “Why” because he believes in his product and the proof is in the pudding just look at the photos and read the testimonials.

Exclusive range of sports nutrition and health supplements created by Calum Best & Gavin Black. Their vision was a brand new line of health supplements which portrays an active social life whilst still maintaining a fit & chiselled look.


Quote from Calum

Myself and my business partner Gavin Black have created something very special with Best Life. It’s more than a supplement company, it’s a positive network of like-minded people. We provide our customers with products and motivation to burn fat, build muscle and make positive changes in order to lead a better life. Our goal for rest of 2015 is to increase awareness. In 2016 you will see Best Life – The Aesthetic Lifestyle Company, go global.

Credit to: Learn as you lift.

Quote from me…

I’m very proud of Calum and all he has achieved,  I wish him & Gavin many more years of Happiness & Success.