FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

FOOD & MOTIVATION #FoodDiary My Food Diary  My Food Diary If there is one thing that I am really bad at it's keeping track of what I should and shouldn't be eating, not to mention when I should be eating. Yes, Like many others I stuggle when it comes to weight but my excuse is; … Continue reading FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

Psychological Issues

Psychological Issues Very often psychological problems stem from unhappiness from various situations in life, like the break-up of a relationship, death of someone we love, unemployment, feeling of no longer being loved by friends or family, loneliness but to name a few. The symptoms of unhappiness can often be mistaken for or associated with mental … Continue reading Psychological Issues

Alex Reid Training – #alexreidtraining

What's it all about: 'Alex Reid Training' is Celebrity Big Brother Winner and Mixed Martial Arts Expert Alex Reid's Official Personal Training and Nutrition Business. Get Lean, Fit and Healthy with his Online Personal Training packages for all. Follow detailed training plans and meal plans in order to achieve your goals. Wherever, whenever you can! … Continue reading Alex Reid Training – #alexreidtraining