FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

FOOD & MOTIVATION #FoodDiary My Food Diary  My Food Diary If there is one thing that I am really bad at it's keeping track of what I should and shouldn't be eating, not to mention when I should be eating. Yes, Like many others I stuggle when it comes to weight but my excuse is; … Continue reading FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

Food Glorious Food at BENKAZ

Food Glorious Food at BENKAZ I've always been a lover of italian food and thought I would try this recommended restaurant called Benkaz in Shotts, North Lanarkshire. I wasn't disappointed in fact I came away feeling very satisfied rather than overly bloated. Here is what I had: starters - SAUTED MUSHROOMS Served in a creamy garlic sauce … Continue reading Food Glorious Food at BENKAZ

My Top 5

  Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street for over 20 years, is now an award-winning cheese-maker and chef. Sean will be our guide to northern cuisine in his 4-part Channel Five series. Highly recommended The Great Northern Cookbook - In Zilli Light, he shares his new, exciting way of life - with … Continue reading My Top 5