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Republished with new front covers, ‘Through My Eyes’ My story through poetry.

Republished with new front cover ‘The Empty Swing’ fictional short story.

I have been asked by several readers when the second part of ‘The Empty Swing’ Is coming out, I left this book hanging as I wasn’t sure if I should do a sequel but now that I have been asked it is something I am going to do.

The story will continue and the title ‘Life After Lily’ I am aiming to publish next year 2019, as right now I have to finished ‘Dear Diary’ Due for release this coming summer.

Also coming out in time for Children In Need My first children’s books with all proceeds going to the said charity.

Dec/Jan will see the release of my next novel ‘House of Darci-Lee’ and all that in between travelling.

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I Had To Make A Change

I Had To Make A Change; ‘Problems’

Yet again I’ve had to make a slight change to the Website, it seems the look I had just before this was not working properly? There seemed to be a ‘Grey Page’ showing when some people clicked on a subject, mostly PERUSE Magazine.

Fingers crossed this one should run smoothly? Time will tell I suppose, meantime if you have any problems from here on in, please let me know.

Belinda x

What’s On The #Menu? #Burger That

What’s on The Menu? Burger That!


‘Hunger does NOT feed the soul’  I look back on my childhood years at school and if there is one thing I had to say was my favourite thing about them it was ‘School Dinners’

For those of a certain age I’m sure you’ll remember mince, mashed potatoes and veg. Then of course came the pudding, a slice of caramel cake or sponge with some custard, and sometimes ice cream and fruit. ‘Your licking your lips now aren’t you? Lol

How times have changed 😞 and not for the better that’s for sure so what’s it all for? Well, it doesn’t take the brains of Einstein to know the answer to that now does it?

Yet, here’s what baffles me; The average cost of three meals a day plus beverages at Cardiff, Usk and Prescoed prisons is £1.97 per prisoner, according to Wales Online

Granted this was back in 2015, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not much more than that now? Our children’s bottle of water alone costs them around a pound.

Were has it all gone wrong? GREED That’s where it’s all gone wrong, The U.K. Government have been a complete and utter shambles for many years and yet we continue to be fed by their lies and vote them in.

I am a firm believer that our children ARE our future but sadly I see a continued fall not only in the Education System but other area’s too.

A good Healthy HOT Meal for lunch in the winter and Healthy Salad in the summer including a healthy drink and lots of water that doesn’t cost them almost half their lunch money is all that is needed.

The way I see it, the Government have slowly over the years got rid of the second most important people in our childrens lives in school “Dinner Ladies’ & Nurses.

They have replaced dinner ladies with Vending Machines which cost a fortune to buy from.

I’m not saying that dinner ladies are in the wrong here, far from it, however because the Government have set rules and regulations that the Education Board have to follow, there is sadly no money in the pot to prepare the right food for our kids.

Instead they would rather send all our money overseas to pay for weapons and those who work within the Government are living the high life with their TOP NOTCH MEALS, Private Planes and Fancy homes etc.

They have no shame, yet they will allow our children to eat rubbish and for some nothing at all, while prisoners have three square hot meals a day including drinks and that’s not even touching on all the other luxury they have.

It’s time to get their priorities right and put our children FIRST and we have to fight for their rights to have a good square meal whilst in school.

#Hunger causes #Nausea #LackofConcentration #FeelingsofWeakness #SadnessandTears

Our #ChildrensRights #ChildrenMustEat A Hot Meal #HappyChildren Are #EducatedChildren Let us hear #ChildrensLaughter because #ChildrenAreOurFuture







#StephenHawkins #lifeonearth Were Theory Meets Truth


Photo Credit: bigthink.com

Were Theory Meets Truth.

First I would like to say what a sad loss to many people around the world; Rest in Peace Stephen Hawkins 🙏🏻🕊 A man who went on to defy doctors after being told he had only two-years to live.

He was and always will be an inspiration to many on this earth, a man who with an amazing thought process in so delivering to us warnings in which I hope will be locked in our minds forever enabling us to make the changes he advised us to take before it’s too late.

But, Were does theory meet the truth? I am one of many who just loves to delve deeper into the unknown and ask questions, we all speculate, over-think and very often come to some conclusion as to why we are here on this earth, how we really got here and so on.

The truth of the matter is we probably and may never get the resolution we want/need.

There have been many predictions made by the likes of Nostradamus, Einstein and also Hawkins.

Some though that have indeed been true and or actually happened, so why not take notice of what Hawkins has advised us? at the very least we will have taken precautions to perhaps stop or at least halt what may be about to happen on this earth.

It’s all good some individuals saying it’s all nonsense, but is it? It’s no more ridiculous that them saying; ‘You watch I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow’

We laugh it off most of the time right? At the same time it could very well happen, it could be a coincidence or it may well be that it was meant to happen.

You know that old saying ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’  Well, I reckon Donald Trump for one is a leader who likes to take chances.

By pulling out of the ‘Paris Agreement’ he has set himself and many people around the world up for a huge fall and the biggest wake up call.

He can’t say he wasn’t warned, Hawkins made a big enough debate about it and world leaders have made sure that they are doing everything in their power to stop Climate Changes.

Is that enough though? It’s a whole lot more complex than even I can comprehend but like many others I’m trying to educate myself.



#Offertory At Sunday Service. Will you offer up your contactless card?

#Offertory At Sunday Service. Will you offer up your contactless card?

So, I’m driving along this morning in a relatively calm approach to the repeat of the usual morning traffic when all of a sudden I hear on the radio that there is about to be a trial at sunday church service of ‘Contactless Card Payments’

Whattttt? ‘At this point I so wish I could have rewound the radio’ Because I was so sure I was hearing things.

However I wasn’t and needless to say I saw RED, Now I don’t claim to be the perfect church-goer in fact I don’t go as often as I should truth be known ‘Shame on me’

‘What are your thoughts on the matter? Personally I think its shocking, Here is what’s quoted by Fr Didier Duverne;  In the Telegraph

‘The parish priest, said: “The experiment is not to increase the amount of donations but to anticipate the future, when people don’t carry money anymore, even for their baguette,” he said. “It amuses me, it’s fun. Our parishioners are receptive of the novelty.”

Yes, It’s true people don’t often carry cash anymore, technology is a wonderful thing, I don’t know about anyone else but it don’t matter if it’s two pence or two pound two pence I will always have some loose change in my purse, jacket pocket or handbag.

I personally think this will put enormous pressure on the parishioners, I mean what about those who don’t have very much money full stop. They, and I have done this in the past; You only have loose change and feel quite embarrassed that it’s all you have to give, so with clinched fist the coins are in your hand then you put them in the plate hoping it makes enough noise to sound like more.

The minimum amount seems to be €2.00 so it’s probably going to be around £2.00 in our money, I’m sorry but as far as I can see this is just another way to earn extra bucks.

Not only that they then can see who is paying what into the church, I understand there are many people who go by the ‘Golden Rule’ e,g Pour some of their hard-earned cash into the church and good on them if they can afford it, but please! Enough already.

‘If this takes off then the plate will be away before we can blink, they say that the plate will still be available, but for how long?


The Problem With Social Media

The problem with social media

I love social media as do many others around the world, it’s one of the best platforms for keeping in touch with family and friends, it’s great for sharing those magical moments with family who live miles away or on the other side of the globe.

Here’s the thing though, it’s also being used for subjects such as breaking news, it’s good for business through advertising and missing people etc. 

Now I think that this is a great way to not only know what’s going on in the world but to get it out there that someone is missing in the hope that it is shared and that individual is found.

BUT, We need to be very careful in what we do share, or links that we click because of; Hackers.

The sad thing is this, there are so many genuine people out there who need our help and because of hackers and spam we are reluctant to share any information or help those people in need.

Social Media really need to come up with some new technology that prevents such people from expecting us to share, it’s not only the hackers and the spam we need to be afraid of.

It seems to be a platform for online bullying, when I first joined Social media there were restrictions such as, Age.

It’s so easy for a child of say ten to join social media and enter a false date of birth, so who controls what?

There are groups on social media that are now able to trace and identify online groomers, which I think is great because they are helping the law were the Government has pulled back on resources making it harder for the police to find such people.

Parents really need to know what their children are doing when it comes to social media and online gaming. Yes, but social media and gaming need to up their game and have stricter control of who is doing what.

So the next time you see ‘Please Share’ On your feed, then PLEASE be careful and try to check it out first, if you are unsure then don’t share.

I realise that it’s hard not to share certain things because we all want to help those in need, but hacking and spam seems to be more at the forefront on social media pages, those people will stop at nothing and they are finding new ways to get you all the time.




Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My first blog since leaving the U.K for California, normally I would have put my blog out first thing this morning but believe it or not I’m only just getting over the Jet-Lag.

I’ve been in California for a little over a week now and I have to admit I didn’t crawl out of bed until late morning USA time.

So this is just a short one really because I’m having a lazy Sunday and about to watch Netflix perhaps even have a nap later, I know your probably thinking ‘What, you didn’t get out of bed until almost lunchtime’

Well, those like myself who make this trip on a regular basis will know you never get over the time difference.

So I’m Back in the U.K second week in March 🙁 and although I’ll be a little sad leaving my other home and the sunshine behind, it won’t be long before I’m back, however I’m looking forward to going home to my daughters and my two little dogs.

I will be catching up with mail, doing my reviews on here on Travel, Hotels, Food & Drink I’ll be talking about what I done and where, and including some of the photos I took along the way.

hope you all had a good day it’s 14.20pm here right now and 10.30pm in the U.K so it’s good night from me. 😘