It’s Been A While

It’s Been While

First I would like to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, my family and I had a good one, a nice relaxed day and of course amazing food.

You’ll have noticed that I did not upload December’s issue of PERUSE, due to a combination of things actually.

First of all my Laptop needed repaired so I was unable to do the necessary work and unfortunately I had a real bad cold which had me in bed for almost a week, in fact I’m In bed as I write this blog now.

Just when I thought I was getting over the cold, I now have the flu and it’s totally floored me.

The official launch of PERUSE was due to begin Jan 2019 and every month after, I’m now not sure which month it will begin but I hope it won’t be long before I am able to get back to it.

Along side all of this I have unfortunately had not one but two lots of bad news within my personal life and for this reason I am unable to blog for the coming weeks.

This will be something I will explain in due course as I am unable to go into detail right now.

Please be patient while I have some time to get back on track which I hope will be very soon.

Until then I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year when it comes, I wish you all good health and much happiness.

Belinda x


I’m Behind #blogging Woops!

I’m Behind #blogging Woops!

I know, I’m bad! I have been so busy of late that I have let things slip a little.  A little? I hear you say.

Ok, Ok a lot. Due to having too many pokers in the fire so to speak I have not been blogging every day, or as often as I would like to.

I have travelled, I have been spending too much time with my new camera, I have been deep into research for my forthcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ I can be forgiven for that one though.

As the book is of a very sensitive nature and I need to make sure I have all my facts right, I have been talking to some people in regards to their story, which will be included in the book.

But I have also been studying, Yep, I have two college courses on the go and No, I’m not going to tell you what I’m studying but all will be revealed at the end of the courses.

Talking about all being revealed, I also have a couple of other projects I am working on as well as trying to be ready for the official launch of PERUSE my online Magazine this coming Jan 2019.

I will be updating my diary as there are several new dates that need to be added, I also have my trip to Budapest to blog about with hotel & food reviews, It’s been around a Month since I was there so that tells you how much I am behind.

I have been looking at website designs too as I need to rearrange this one in many ways, there are far to many items in categories to get through, so I really need to sort through it all.

I will be taking a regular slot on Podcast beginning Jan we are working on that too.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t just stick to one project, No, I really don’t I have to have my teeth into several projects at once and I’ve been like that all my days, at 50 something 😜 it keeps my brain working, Well, that’s my excuse. 😉

So, stay with me while I get through all this and once I’m back on track all will look so much clearer and my blogging can then be done daily as it should be.



#Psychology v #Psychiatry


Psychology v Psychiatry

In Mental Health

Although there are differences between the two they are often worked together, but which is the more beneficial when it comes to ‘Mental Health?

My personal thoughts sway more towards Psychology because I’m a firm believer in not pill popping for want of a better word.

I’m not saying that those with mental health issues shouldn’t take prescription drugs I am saying not all who have mental health problems need to be taking medication.

For example; Psychologists have a historical and more formal approach to exploring the abnormal state of mind.

Clinical psychologists work with a wide range of problems from eating disorders to schizophrenia and will specialise in cognitive therapy, also known as neuropsychology.

This results in getting to the root of the problem and working with the patient/client towards new approaches in thinking which in turn changes the behaviours of the individual.

Psychiatrists usually work with people who have more severe disorders, such as schizophrenia and may require some medical treatment, prescribed medication.

A psychiatrist will also look at the psychological factors of the individual in order to decide if and what medication is needed.

Like I said before medication is not always the answer, in fact not many people realise that some of the drugs provided for some issues are indeed only making the diagnosis worse.

So what is the difference between the two? Well, A psychologist will use techniques that get to the root of the problem in order to help with the thought and behaviour processes which in turn changes one’s train of thought resulting in changed behaviour. 

A psychiatrist basically prescribe medication when and where needed, they build their knowledge through observing unusual and distressing conditions in order to prescribe the correct medication.



Still No Answers #missingpeople

Still No Answers


It’s been almost five years since Allan went missing and yet nobody seems to know anything, which I have to add is rather strange, how can someone just vanish? Yes, I know this has happened to many other people but the Bryant family are holding on and the longer they hold the harder it becomes.

Statement from Allan’s parents…

Allan left our house around half past 8 on the 2nd of November 2013 to go to an engagement party at #Lesliegolfclub he was in a really happy mood when he left our house. After the engagement party Allan and some of his friends went to #StyxNightclub in #Glenrothes #Fife #Scotland. The last sighting of Allan is on #CCTV footage, showing him leaving Styx #nightclub at 2:02am on the 3rd of November 2013. Some of Allan’s friends are still present in this footage. When Allan left the club, he did not have a jacket on as he left it at an engagement party before he went to the nightclub by #taxi, Allan did not have any Money/Bankcard/Passport on him and did not have a mobile phone his mobile was broken a few weeks before. It was a cold night as it is in #November. Styx nightclub is no more than a 10 minute walk from our house. No one can vanish into thin air, It is impossible for no one not to have seen Allan after he left Styx nightclub. Every time Allan is out for the night, he either texts, phones or messages us on Facebook. Allan very rarely went out to nightclubs, only a couple times a year. He preferred sitting in with his mates, having a little drink and playing the Xbox. This is a living hell for our family we will never stop until Allan is found. Thank you all so much for your support it means the world to my family. If anyone has any information, please contact the #police on #101. You can even do this anonymously by calling #Crimestoppers on #0800 555 111

Please if anyone has any information you can contact the Major #investigationteam no matter how small you may think it is please email them Members of the public are also encouraged to use this address to assist the inquiry.

Someone out there knows what has happened to our son Allan please call the police and give them the information we so badly need no one needs to know your identity you can do this anonymously and end this living hell for my family

Please if anyone has any information no matter how small contact the police anonymously on 101 or crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or

anonymously on 116 000


#Kindle or #Book What’s Your preference?

Kindle or Book

What’s your preference?

A poll last year 2017 Showed that there was a 5% rise in eBook sales which suggested that more people preferred eBook to Book.

The way I see it the scales are never balanced when it comes to preference certainly I prefer a Kindle when I’m traveling one for comfort and two because it just slips into my handbag and doesn’t take up much space.

Books however are definitely my preference in the home, you just can’t beat sitting back in a comfy chair with a book in hand.

I personally think that when Kindle first came on the market it was a big thing to have this awesome new technology but people soon came to realise that in fact a print copy is and always had been the way to go.

So i’ll Keep buying my books especially those I feel will look good on my bookshelf, but I won’t be letting go of my kindle anytime soon, I travel a lot so I really do need to have it tucked neatly in my handbag and kindles are extremely light weight too which is a bonus.



Sex Toys For Teenagers, Really?

Sex Toys For teenagers, Really?

Would you give you’re teenage child a sex toy?

I thought I heard it all until I watched this on This morning Seriously? For a start and for the love of God let children be children.

The individual who decided that this should be really needs to give themselves a good shake, never have I heard of anything so idiotic.

Okay, So our children are at the age of sixteen legally able to have sex, which is all well and good, but do you really think that they are mentally and physically in touch with their emotions?

Children are already growing up way too fast and it’s of my opinion to let them continue to grow and be children, can you imagine ‘Or perhaps we shouldn’t’ You’re daughter of say fourteen is bored with the movie you decide to watch as a family.

It’s ok (Jane Doe) Go to your room if you like and play with your Vibrator? Nah, not on my watch.

I wouldn’t even allow my daughters to bring their partners into our home go to their room and make love to them while I sit in the next room and they are almost 18 and 19.

Another thing, how many parents really want to be sitting their 13-19 year old down and say to them ‘I think you should have a vibrator so that you can experience pleasure’ Neither would any child I know go to their parents to discuss such an issue.

Respect and morals have taken a back seat over the last thirty years or so and we need to get that back, I would never have taken my boyfriend back to my parents home let alone used a sex toy in my room while they sat downstairs.

Pleasure comes with having a partner (Hopefully a long-term one at that) Finding your emotions and experiencing pleasure is all part of the feelings you have for one another, there is plenty of time to be thinking of sex toys.

Can I just add Phillip, no offence but you’re make-up artist has over-done it a little this morning.



Skin Deep #SkinDeep

Skin Deep

Have we really moved on From differentiating between the Races?

It’s a well-known fact that there is no genetic basis for race, it was a label made up to separate us.

Why do we wait until someone is dead before taking action and coming to the conclusion that indeed there is not difference? An example being Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr was killed in Memphis yet it took forty years or more to name a street after him but why did they name that street after him? Was it because they believed in him and wanted to keep his memory alive, were they pressured to do so or was it guilt?

The subject I really want to talk about is the Windrush Scandal I can’t begin to tell you how awful it makes me feel knowing that those who came to the U.K are being treated so badly.

Yes, I get that there have been many who have come to the U.K. since the Windrush who are here illegally, but I blame the Government.

There is one thing that the Government fail to remember here though and it’s high time the stood up and took stock of the fact that for most who came to the U.K. Blood, Sweat and many Tears have been shed.

It was after WW2 the British Government invited thousands from the Caribbean to come and help rebuild our country they had been granted FULL Citizenship as members of the commonwealth.

They took on some of the dirtiest jobs to help rebuild the U.K. not to mention jobs that some U.K. citizens thought were beneath them, what thanks did they get?

Now the Government have decided (In my eyes) We needed them, we used them now we want them to go back.

Well, NO that’s not how it works guy’s sorry to burst your bubble.

The Government say it’s because they cannot produce the documentation to prove that they have a legal right to be here, they are forgetting something, they invited them they gave them full citizenship.

The Government ordered the documentation to be destroyed almost ten years ago. Right? I do wonder why? 

My thought is; concentrate in those who are and have been entering the U.K. Illegally this last twenty-five years or so and deal with the problem of over-populated illegals who are sucking dry the system.

I could go on and on but it would take me a whole day to try to put the world to rights and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of people out there who might cause a stir if they knew what I thought of this so-called Government and what I think of their shenanigans in that Kindergarten (House of Commons)