Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters You know, right now many of us are finding things very difficult during these unprecedented times, Covid has played a big part in everyone’s mental health. Many have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, it’s all so sad that while the Government are sending people home to help stop … Continue reading Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Life & Death

Life & Death Death is never easy, even when we know it’s coming, it can be a life sentence in itself, and one in which we may or may not have time to put our affairs in order. While time is something some don’t have, it’s most certainly something we will never get back. Along … Continue reading Life & Death

#DharMann Stay Humble Stay humble, always remember where you came from and most importantly show compassion when needed. One of the biggest problems we are faced with today is the lack of compassion, especially in the world of business. It's sad but true in many sectors that profits takes precedence over the well being of each other. … Continue reading #DharMann Stay Humble