Point to Point – Horse Racing

Point to Point Horse Racing Here are a few of the shots I took above, feel free to see more on my Facebook page at Belinda Travels The Globe. I had a very interesting day on Saturday 23rd March at ‘Overton Farm’ In Lanark at the Horse Racing, a first for me and very much enjoyed. … Continue reading Point to Point – Horse Racing

It’s All Coming Together

It's All Coming Together After several weeks of painting & decorating and furniture shopping it's all starting to take shape,  there's still away to go though including outdoors front garden and back. So much to do and not enough hours in the day, however I'm feeling pretty pleased with what's been achieved so far. Come … Continue reading It’s All Coming Together

Belinda’s #Home & #Garden

  'Life Is Simply Better In The Country' I have recently moved from a town to the country and boy what a difference, being back in the country really has its benefits and I'm enjoying every minute of it. So what with moving from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom bungalow and having no … Continue reading Belinda’s #Home & #Garden