Point to Point – Horse Racing

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Point to Point Horse Racing

Here are a few of the shots I took above, feel free to see more on my Facebook page at Belinda Travels The Globe.

I had a very interesting day on Saturday 23rd March at Overton Farm’ In Lanark at the Horse Racing, a first for me and very much enjoyed.

I took my Camera along (No surprise) to capture what I knew was going to be some pretty fab shots of the horses up close.

On first arrival I thought; Oops! I’m wearing my jeans and a baggy old jumper with of course my walking books thinking prior to arriving that it’s being held in a Farm so lots of mud.

The first thing I spot are people in tweed jackets, smart trousers and the ladies were well dressed too, however, once we drove little further into the field there were many others in jeans and Wellington boots etc.

Panic over, clearly those in the tweed jackets were members, ‘Perhaps need to become member’ 🤔

We parked the car up and brought the food and flasks etc from the boot and the chairs then walked a short distance to get the best area to sit.

What a great day we had, there was a burger bar, a cafe and much more so it wasn’t disappointing and I would definitely recommend it, I’ll be back for sure.


Overton Farm, Crossford



Tel: 01555 860226



Modern v Traditional

Modern v Traditional

When it comes to kitchen’s I’m torn between a Modern Kitchen and a Traditional Cottage/Farmhouse Kitchen.

I suppose it all boils down to where we live and the type of home we live in, as much as I do really love some of the modern kitchen’s out there I’ve longed for a cottage/farmhouse type kitchen, which would look perfect in my home.

Before, I lived in an end terraced house in a town my kitchen was a modern white and black, because I do have a love for everything white and clean. ‘It’s the OCD’

Now though I’m in a bungalow with lots of space, one of the idea’s we had was to knock through our kitchen into the garage so as to have much more space then I could have either a long farmhouse table in the middle or an island.

Then I thought it may be better to convert it into a man-cave for my hubby, But, we have now decided to convert it into a bedroom for our daughter.

Picking the right kitchen for me, takes such a long time because we are stuck with it for the forseeable future so it needs to be the right choice.

I’m looking at Howdens – IKEA And others to get inspiration but there is so much to choose from, and we woman are known for taking rather a long time to make a decision and even then sometime we kind of think Oh, ‘maybe I should have gone for the other one’ 

Feel free to send me your idea’s I have a feeling it’s going to be a long process and so many people say, ‘I wouldn’t see past Howdens’ ‘Were others are big on IKEA’

It really needs to be the right kitchen with everything I need for ‘Time To Cook’ Which I start filming towards the end of the year, so I don’t have a lot of time.


Where We Live

Where We Live

It doesn’t matter whether it’s by the water, in a town or city, or in the country like me, we all have our ideal home.

The transition from living in the country then moving to a town can be pretty daunting for some, it certainly was for me hence why I moved back to the country.

However my dream home was always oversea’s and by the water, preferably running a B&B. So, what happened?

I left it way to late, the plan was to move there whilst my children were young but I blinked and the years had flown by, the children went to school and it was to little to late.

Although we are now into 2018 and my girls are approaching 34, 19 & 18 I’m now in a position to consider buying a holiday home overseas, so lets see what happens.

Where we spend the major part of our lives is of course called home and no matter where that is we all dream of that perfect location in which to just pack a suitcase and go, for some it may be in their own country in a caravan, for others it’s a place in the sun.

The best part of having a holiday home in the sun is the fact that we can choose where we want to spend winter especially if you live in the UK.

There’s a certain satisfaction from living in a rural part of the country, occupying your own space giving you a sence of freedom from the unpredictability of the outside world.

It may not be for everyone but it’s definitely for me, and my family, or should I refract that? It’s for me and my hubby, our youngest daughters prefer the town, I suppose it is hard for them right now with their friends, school and job being twelve miles away.

California (My second home) I love, I was never a fan of the idea of living in the US until I visited a number of years ago, actually I’m still not a fan of living there, Well, not on a permanent basis anyway.

I do travel back regularly and visit many other places San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica etc while there, because I love the Californian way of life, I love the freedom of the clean air, the shopping malls, the people, the freeway. Yes, the freeway you just can’t beat the four-hour drive from San Diego to Las Vegas through the Nevada Desert.

So where will our holiday home be? Right now I’m not sure but it will be in Europe, first there are a number of factors we need to take into consideration.

Due to the change in currency e.g The Euro the cost of living has gone through the roof leaving many families in dire straights.

One thing is for sure, no matter which country we choose it will be in a rural location with that traditional way of life but still close enough to everything we need.








It’s All Coming Together

It’s All Coming Together

After several weeks of painting & decorating and furniture shopping it’s all starting to take shape,  there’s still away to go though including outdoors front garden and back.

So much to do and not enough hours in the day, however I’m feeling pretty pleased with what’s been achieved so far.

Come Friday we will have a new addition to the family, or rather two new additions, we will be picking up our Rosie & Dawson, eight week old Lhasa Apso’s.

So stay connected here and on Facebook,  Twitter & Instagram Cause I have a feeling there will be a few pretty photos added. 😘

Belinda x

Belinda’s #Home & #Garden


‘Life Is Simply Better In The Country’

I have recently moved from a town to the country and boy what a difference, being back in the country really has its benefits and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

So what with moving from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom bungalow and having no stairs to climb is wonderful I have to say.

Overlooking my back garden is a farm with amazing views of a few bungalows darted here and there, not to mention the cows coming up to the fence of an evening with their moo-ing; as if to try to get my attention.

I can hear them now as I sit here and write my blog, oh and while on the subject of my blog!

There are changes going to be made over the coming day’s for instance I have dropped the insidoutlastyle at the end of my name; it is rather a mouthful so I thought it better to stick just to my name Belinda Conniss, However the Website name is still the same.

‘I’m pretty sure you all know who I am by now’

There will also be some changes to the look of my Facebook and Twitter some of which have already been added, I just hope that this time I can get it right.

Hear we go I hear you say, well I am a woman and you know what we are like, Right? We are known for changing our mind and changing the way things look and that includes ourself’s (Wink Wink)

So, what’s next I hear you say? Well jump on to ‘My Diary’ On the drop down category box and you’ll see what I’m up to over the next couple of months, and soon you will hear what my BIG NEWS! is for 2019.

Keep your eye’s peeled for my ‘Before & After’ photos of my new home, see how I have been inspired and who inspired me? I promise these will be in colour not like my Black & White photography.

Oh! Did I mention my photography? You can click the link here Belinda Conniss Photography and like I mentioned before I’m NOT a professional photographer nor do I claim to be, however I do love to take photos of beautiful places, building, tree’s etc but I don’t always post them in my colour shots, why? Because I love black and white photos.

So hang in there guy’s my blogs will get better and my overall look on my Website most definitely will be up to par soon, right now I have to concentrate on getting my second book of poetry finished as well as my novel ‘The Empty Swing’ Due for release by the end of August 2017.

Belinda x