It’s Almost Here 2020 #festivities

It's Almost Here 2020 #festivities Well, guy's It's almost the end of 2019 as we knew it! Granted it wasn't such a good year for many yet was a great year for others, for me and my family we can't really complain, we had not a bad year considering. Some of you will already know … Continue reading It’s Almost Here 2020 #festivities

#MotherandBabyHome The Opening of Corville House/Sean Ross Abbey

  In 1932 Corville house was opened as a mother & baby home, the name was changed to Sean Ross Abbey. The house was run in a harsh regime, the woman who entered the home and for some had to stay for up to four years after their child was born, they worked on the … Continue reading #MotherandBabyHome The Opening of Corville House/Sean Ross Abbey