Lily Van Horne #Book

New Lily Van Horne in Life After Lily LILY VAN HORNE Coming in time for Christmas: Lily Van Horne in ‘Life After Lily’ From the author of: The Empty Swing It’s almost here, the long awaited Lily Van Horne continues twenty-five years after Elizabeth (The Empty Swing) Returned to Simi Valley. Lily and her sister [...]

Cont’ Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters - Mental Health Awareness Incase you missed it? see my blog before this one on 'Your Story Matters' WRITING PROMPS Here are some writing prompts to help you with your story, first though you want to begin your story with a really good sentence, one that will have the reader wanting more. [...]

Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters You know, right now many of us are finding things very difficult during these unprecedented times, Covid has played a big part in everyone’s mental health. Many have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, it’s all so sad that while the Government are sending people home to help stop [...]