Cont’ Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters – Mental Health Awareness

Incase you missed it? see my blog before this one on ‘Your Story Matters’


Here are some writing prompts to help you with your story, first though you want to begin your story with a really good sentence, one that will have the reader wanting more.

So read through the prompts below, pick the one that pops out at you, then, before you use that prompt think of you’re opening sentence.

If you feel adventurous enough you may use all prompts in your story, go on give it a bash!

Prompts –

Suddenly everything became blurry and dark…
The strangest thing happened after I…
On the other side of town…
My deepest secret…
Out of the blue, I heard footsteps in the empty, dark street…
Giving it her best, she finally…
Once again, I was late for…
Staring into the mirror…
I finally opened up my heart…
Waking up in a strange room was not something that he was expecting…

There is no time limit for your story, you may want to write a short story and take a few weeks, maybe you would like to write a full length novel? If the latter is the case then try the one page 300 words per day and take the whole year.

Remember if at any time you would like me to read any of your work or help you out then feel free to contact me.

The most important thing to remember is, writing is very therapeutic and will relieve stress and anxiety so try it, you may surprise yourself.


I am relatively new to writing myself, after writing on and off for several years, I finally published my first book back in 2016, so, I’m not a best selling author, but a girl can dream right! 😉

Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters

You know, right now many of us are finding things very difficult during these unprecedented times, Covid has played a big part in everyone’s mental health.

Many have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, it’s all so sad that while the Government are sending people home to help stop the spread of the virus, the impact not only on businesses but individuals has been enormous.

I posted something on Facebook yesterday and it’s got me thinking about a quote: One page a day, just 300 words for a year and you’ll have written a novel. ~Stephen King

I know that for some a year seems like a long time, but as a writer myself I know only too well that while writing seems like a walk in the part, it’s actually so much more.

We have to make sure that we get it right and that can prove time consuming, but it is very good for stress.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you may live alone or you may be a parent who has children at home, everyone has a story. Begin with just a few scribbled notes in a notebook, then leave it for a day or two.

Eventually something will pop into your head, even those who are suffering right now, I have family who have suffered with mental health for years and one of the things I always say to them is; Write about it.

I’m not claiming to be a expert on mental health, however, I do firmly believe that there are some steps that can be taken to help relieve some of the stress, that hemmed in feeling, the feeling that nobody is listening.

That’s why I would like to encourage people to write, it can be about anything, including how you are feeling day to day, which is something that could benefit those who don’t understand mental health. Or perhaps you have some other ideas, like a children’s story or even a funny story.

I would also encourage children to use this method of writing, one of my daughters had an assignment in high school a few years ago, she had to write a short story about any subject.

When her teacher read that short story they took her aside and asked her if everything was okay at home? She laughed so hard because her story was that good, her teachers thought that she was going through what she had written. She has kept that short story because one day she will continue with it, it’s most definitely going to be a novel worth reading.

Stress and or anxiety has a huge impact on the everyday life of those suffering with mental health we must all be there for those who need us, even if it’s just a listenening ear.

So let’s begin, start with scribbled notes in your notebook, put it aside for a few days, then pick it up again and begin your first page, but remember only 300 words or a little less if you feel 300 is too much.

Even if you would like me to read over some of what you have written? I’m here, I am free to help you or anyone who would like some guidance, if you are unsure what to write about then I can help you there too.

Later in the week I will design a chart with various words/subjects and you can choose four of those to help you along, use the contact here on the website if you would like to ask me any questions I’m more than happy to help.

p.s You don’t need to have a computer to write, good old fashioned pen and paper will do just as good.

Happy writing ✍🏻 x

Life & Death

Life & Death

Death is never easy, even when we know it’s coming, it can be a life sentence in itself, and one in which we may or may not have time to put our affairs in order.

While time is something some don’t have, it’s most certainly something we will never get back.

Along with deep sadness when it comes, there is also a kind or heavy weight left on our own bodies for a time, and while they say time is a great healer, which it is, and the weight slowly begins to lift, which it does, the pain never goes away.

In life we have all experienced sadness, loneliness, helplessness, hunger, depression, anger, hurt and heartbreak. But we also experience much joy, happinesses, excitement, hope, gratitude, satisfaction, kindness, confidence and periods of awe.

Each one being a natural emotion, an emotion that we must experience in life, it is life.

It’s how we cope and handle such emotions that test us, we must all at some point sit down take a deep breath and take stock of our lives, we don’t have to wait until a loved one has been told they only have a limited time left, nor for them to die.

We are all given a choice in life, the path we take, there are just as many who take the wrong path as those who take the right, but either way we all experience emotion, they weren’t wrong when they said ‘Life is a rollercoaster’.

Life is a lesson, one which can be a continuous battle, the lesson begins the moment we take our first breath until the moment we take our last, while it can be trying at times always remember, ‘Always a lesson, never a fail’ 

We can forgive, even though we may not forget.

A new door will open, even when others close.

Our heart will heel, after it’s been broken.

We can be kind, even to those who are unkind.

Don’t be afraid your life will end and don’t be at war with yourself or others, live life, it’s a journey with lessons along the way, be happy in yourself and love yourself and others, you’ll pass the test, and when you arrive at your final destination you’ll be at peace with yourself. 

~Don’t just survive, shine.