Woman Talk #PODCAST

Woman Talk #PODCAST

It won’t be long now, five months until my new PODCAST launches all baby steps but have I got some very exciting guests to chat to next year 2020.

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Stop Digging #stopdigging @georgegalloway @jamesenglish0

Stop Digging!

Another wonderful interview by James English with our very own George Galloway, a man whom I think should be our Prime Minister, a man who stands for what he believes in, that being peace amongst all people.

As a supporter of George Galloway I have nothing but good to say about him, like myself and many others he is a strong supporter of the Palestinian people, I have many Palestinian friends who hold him in high regard and support him also.

George is never afraid to tell it like it is, he doesn’t just ‘Talk the Talk’ He walks it and does so with such grace.

If you haven’t seen George Galloway V US Senate Please watch, never have I admired anyone like I have George for the way in which he handled his case.

George would be good for this country he is a strong leader, straight talking and takes no nonsense. During his interview with James, James asks him; What would you do to make this world a better place? George said; ‘Stop Digging’

I absolutely agree with everything he said but you need to watch the interview I don’t want to spoil it by telling you.

James English Interview with George Galloway

Like many people I have a lot to learn in regards to Politics and I’ve learned a lot from listening to George I only hope that one day I can meet him in person, who knows perhaps I may bump into him next time I’m over in Palestine.

You can keep up to date with George on Twitter and Talk Radio and his Website



Point to Point – Horse Racing

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Point to Point Horse Racing

Here are a few of the shots I took above, feel free to see more on my Facebook page at Belinda Travels The Globe.

I had a very interesting day on Saturday 23rd March at Overton Farm’ In Lanark at the Horse Racing, a first for me and very much enjoyed.

I took my Camera along (No surprise) to capture what I knew was going to be some pretty fab shots of the horses up close.

On first arrival I thought; Oops! I’m wearing my jeans and a baggy old jumper with of course my walking books thinking prior to arriving that it’s being held in a Farm so lots of mud.

The first thing I spot are people in tweed jackets, smart trousers and the ladies were well dressed too, however, once we drove little further into the field there were many others in jeans and Wellington boots etc.

Panic over, clearly those in the tweed jackets were members, ‘Perhaps need to become member’ 🤔

We parked the car up and brought the food and flasks etc from the boot and the chairs then walked a short distance to get the best area to sit.

What a great day we had, there was a burger bar, a cafe and much more so it wasn’t disappointing and I would definitely recommend it, I’ll be back for sure.


Overton Farm, Crossford



Tel: 01555 860226


That Word: #Cancer

That word: Cancer

At the request of my husband (Jerry) I have written this blog, not something I wanted to do, however, Jerry felt he had to raise awareness about being diagnosed with an ailment that turned out to be something of a more serious nature.

Cancer a word I never thought I would ever have to write about, we hear it often many people say ‘I never thought it would happen to me’ But not me, I’ve always known that there was a possibility that it could happen to anyone even me.

They say that 1 in 2 people will at some point develop this terrible disease and for as many years as I can remember we have donated to Cancer Research yet, there are so many who don’t beat it.

Two weeks before Christmas Jerry was diagnosed and boy was that the biggest shock to the system.

It was in November that my husband went to our local doctor here in the U.K because he was experiencing difficulties after eating, he said it felt a little like the food was stuck right between his upper ribcage.

He said he felt like he wanted to rift, like he was suffering from indigestion, the doctor prescribed him with Gastro Medication saying that it was a Gastric problem!

So off Jerry goes back to Kosovo, (He works for the United Nations) and after a couple of weeks he still didn’t feel better so decided to visit his doctor over there.

The doctor sent him for an Endoscopy thinking it could have been an Ulcer which resulted in them taking a Biopsy, the results came back as negative.

The doctor wasn’t happy with the results and asked my husband to take medication for 10 days then go back and repeat the Endoscopy and so he did.

The results then came back showing a Tumour and he discussed with Jerry that the next step was a CT Scan, unbeknown to me Jerry had his suspicions and it turned out that those suspicions were correct.

The doctor explained that he had Cancer of the Stomach as you can imagine his mind went blank, thankfully he had his boss with him because I think initially he couldn’t absorb everything the doctor was telling him.

After getting his results and some time to actually think about what he had just been told, it was time to call home and tell me.

I was of course heartbroken, my husband’s employers booked a flight to come home the very next day.

The hardest thing other than being told your husband has Cancer was to tell our daughters, all sorts were running through my mind.

Only those who had or have Cancer will understand what my husband is going through and only the loved one’s of those who suffered or suffer know what we as a family are going through.

When I had to tell family and friends close to us for the first time that Jerry has this terrible disease I broke down and cried, whenever I went out in the car on my own I cried.

Myself and our girls are staying strong for Jerry but it doesn’t make it any more bearable, although Jerry’s Cancer is at the very early stages he has that on his side, since learning more about the disease I have been able to handle it better.

Jerry has since had keyhole surgery and another Endoscopy to determine if there is any floating Cancer which thank God there isn’t, it is still contained and we are now waiting for him to start Chemotherapy which will be within the next could of weeks.

I cannot thank his consultant over in Kosovo enough for what he has done for my husband, although I will do in person once treatment is all done and dusted, I also cannot thank Jerry’s best friend Carl enough for his support to both me and Jerry and for speaking to me on the phone and reassuring me because he has been there himself and that in itself has given me a breather.

And for Brendan, Jerry’s Boss and long term friend/workmate for his part in keeping Jerry in check after such horrific news and kenny another of Jerry’s long term friends for his support.

So what’s next? Well, Jerry will have 3 lots of Chemo over a 9 week period, then he will have the operation to remove the Cancer and some of his Stomach after which there is 4 weeks recuperation before another 3 lots of Chemo over another 9 week period.

Jerry’s message to everyone who experiences any kind of discomfort while or after eating is to pursue your doctor for a more in depth examination because doctors will automatically assume it’s a Gastro problem.

Don’t leave it too long either because had Jerry not seen his doctor in Kosovo, he could very well have been taking medication for Gatro problems for weeks even months not knowing what was really happening therefore giving Cancer time to spread.

Thankfully Jerry’s prognosis is good and God willing will remain so.

#HappyNewYear Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone
I would like to wish all my family & friends both here in the U.K. and across the pond a very Happy New Year, 🥂🍾 May you all have good health and much happiness for 2019 and beyond and may all your dreams come true. Love n Hugs ❤️

I would also like to thank family, friends and followers for your support this last couple of years and for continuing to follow my blogs etc.

While we spare a thought for those who are no longer with us, 🙏🏻🕊 please also think of those who are less fortunate than ourselves and more importantly the homeless whom for many is through no fault of their own.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR KEYS 🔑  AT HOME DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. 🚘 Your life and that of others is priceless.

Belinda 😘


It’s Been A While

It’s Been While

First I would like to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, my family and I had a good one, a nice relaxed day and of course amazing food.

You’ll have noticed that I did not upload December’s issue of PERUSE, due to a combination of things actually.

First of all my Laptop needed repaired so I was unable to do the necessary work and unfortunately I had a real bad cold which had me in bed for almost a week, in fact I’m In bed as I write this blog now.

Just when I thought I was getting over the cold, I now have the flu and it’s totally floored me.

The official launch of PERUSE was due to begin Jan 2019 and every month after, I’m now not sure which month it will begin but I hope it won’t be long before I am able to get back to it.

Along side all of this I have unfortunately had not one but two lots of bad news within my personal life and for this reason I am unable to blog for the coming weeks.

This will be something I will explain in due course as I am unable to go into detail right now.

Please be patient while I have some time to get back on track which I hope will be very soon.

Until then I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year when it comes, I wish you all good health and much happiness.

Belinda x

I’m Behind #blogging Woops!

I’m Behind #blogging Woops!

I know, I’m bad! I have been so busy of late that I have let things slip a little.  A little? I hear you say.

Ok, Ok a lot. Due to having too many pokers in the fire so to speak I have not been blogging every day, or as often as I would like to.

I have travelled, I have been spending too much time with my new camera, I have been deep into research for my forthcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ I can be forgiven for that one though.

As the book is of a very sensitive nature and I need to make sure I have all my facts right, I have been talking to some people in regards to their story, which will be included in the book.

But I have also been studying, Yep, I have two college courses on the go and No, I’m not going to tell you what I’m studying but all will be revealed at the end of the courses.

Talking about all being revealed, I also have a couple of other projects I am working on as well as trying to be ready for the official launch of PERUSE my online Magazine this coming Jan 2019.

I will be updating my diary as there are several new dates that need to be added, I also have my trip to Budapest to blog about with hotel & food reviews, It’s been around a Month since I was there so that tells you how much I am behind.

I have been looking at website designs too as I need to rearrange this one in many ways, there are far to many items in categories to get through, so I really need to sort through it all.

I will be taking a regular slot on Podcast beginning Jan we are working on that too.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t just stick to one project, No, I really don’t I have to have my teeth into several projects at once and I’ve been like that all my days, at 50 something 😜 it keeps my brain working, Well, that’s my excuse. 😉

So, stay with me while I get through all this and once I’m back on track all will look so much clearer and my blogging can then be done daily as it should be.