Burger Station

The Best Station In Crakow

It’s in the title ‘The Best Station In Crakow’ Indeed it is. Myself and Reae (Who accompanied me on this trip) Ate everything but the tray, it was so good.

After a hectic day yesterday filming and trust me it was hectic we walked for miles on our visit to Auschwitz and Burkenau so much so that we didn’t have dinner last night it was straight to bed for a much-needed sleep.

We woke this morning just before ten then we were out again without breakfast, so you can imagine how tasty our food was at Burger Station cooked and served by two very polite and helpful young men.

I would recommend you pop in here if you’re in the area, we certainly won’t need to eat again until tonight as the portion was very generous.




My Top Golf Destination (Europe)

Vale De Lobo Portugal

Golf at Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo Algarve is home to two challenging and outstanding golf courses – the Royal and the Ocean.

Based on original concepts by the legendary Sir Henry Cotton and re-developed by the respected American golf architect Rocky Roquemore, the Vale do Lobo courses have twice been host to the Portuguese Open. Both take players through umbrella pine and fig tree-lined fairways to the Atlantic – the Royal playing dramatically along the cliff’s edge, while the Ocean sweeps daintily down to the beach. This combination of links and parkland golf provides an enjoyable game for golfers of all standards.

Our members have daily competitions for Men and Ladies. The regular tournaments and competitions make for a busy social calendar for both members and visitors, while a fully equipped clubhouse offers a complete service to golfers.

Vale do Lobo Algarve offers the ultimate luxury holiday experience and an unrivalled golfing lifestyle for the discerning client.

So if like me you’re looking for the perfect location were you can not only enjoy a round or two, but soak up the ray of sunshine with a cool beer or for the ladies a cocktail or two then this is the place for you. (Who knows, you may even spot a few celebrities) I did when I last visited.

Click Here To Visit Vale De Lobo

Belinda   ⛳️


Time For A Round


Powakaddy Golf Bag Rain Cover Black Fits ALL BAGS

It’s that time of year again, when we start to look for Golfing Holiday’s so what’s your favourite destination?

My Hubby loves Myrtle Beach in South Carolina definitely one for group golfing holiday’s.

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Mine has to be Portugal the famous “Vale De Lobo” A favourite to Celebrities like Bruce Forsyth. 

Take a golf holiday to Vale do Lobo. It is Portugal’s biggest and most exclusive luxury holiday destination — a 400-hectare estate of exceptional beauty containing two championship golf courses and flanked by a 3-mile sandy beach. In addition to the two fabulous courses, there are 25 different sporting and recreational activities on offer here. Dozens of bars, shops, bistros, cafés and a nightclub all attract not only discerning golfing holidaymakers, but international celebrities who choose Vale do Lobo as their home and playground. This is a very special place; you really feel as if you leave the rest of the world’s troubles behind you when you enter through the resort gates.

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For those who would prefer to stay home in the UK,  (I think we all know the weather can be rather predictable) so here you can purchase the Golf Bag Rain Cover one I bought from Amazon for my own clubs and it’s the best buy and price Iv found so far.

Happy Golfing…

Powakaddy Golf Bag Rain Cover Black Fits ALL BAGSWaterproof Material

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My First Oversea’s holiday…

Originally the town of Colonia Sant Jordi was an agricultural and fishing village with tourists only starting to choose this destination as a holiday spot in the 1950s.

Colonia Sant Jordi and neighbouring Ses Salines are famous for their extraction of salt and both towns carry this symbol in their town coat of arms.  Salt is still extracted using traditional methods each year during a festival in August.

This part of the southeast of Mallorca has some of the most magnificent and unspoilt beaches on the island,  boasting white sands and sheltered waters.  In addition to the town’s small beach,  there are two further sandy beaches a short walk to the East,  and the further you go,  the better the beaches become.

A 20 minute walk will take you to one of the islands best, Es Carbo – this is where the Spanish Royal family come if they want some beach time.  To the West lies the more accessible and better known beach of Platja Es Trenc.

Colonia Sant Jordi hold their Ruta de Tapas every Thursday evening with restaurants and bars offering tapas and a glass of beer or wine for €2.  Most establishments are located along the Avinguda de la Primavera and nearby Carrer Estanys.

The tapas night kicks off at 7pm and it’s your opportunity to sample as many tapas and restaurants as you can before ending at 11.45pm.

Colonia Sant Jordi offers a few bars that are open late night but for a busier nightlife head to the nearby resort of Cala D’Or.  Most of Colonia Sant Jordi’s bars are located along the Carrer de Gabriel Roca or along the tapas route on Avinguda de la Primavera and nearby Carrer Estanys.

On Carrer de Gabriel Roca is the Bar Tambuco that serves up a range of fruity cocktails while overlooking the beach.

Nightlife in small towns in Mallorca is a far cry from the likes of Magaluf but Chic Palace Discoteca in Cala D’Or is one of the busiest clubs in the area and attracts a local and international crowd.

La Cueva in Porto Petro (Passeig d’es Port 49) is literally in a cave high above the sea level. Here there is music played from international DJs and a friendly vibe as locals and tourists mingle.

The coast around Colonia Sant Jordi is covered with many beaches, some of the most spectacular in Mallorca. The beach of Es Trenc is the busiest of all the beaches in the area but is relatively sheltered and therefore has small waves and ideal for swimming or snorkelling.

This stretch of beach is very long and at one side you’ll find nudist sunbathers. Next to the marina is the Platja d’Es Port which is another busy but sheltered beach in one of the most popular areas of the town.

Both the beaches of Es Carbo and Ses Roquetes are very quiet beaches and are well sheltered from the wind and waves.  From here you can see four small islands that lie just off the coast.  Behind the beach are two cliffs with reefs and sandbankss’albarda and s’illot petit.

Local markets selling fresh fruit, vegetables and souvenirs are held in Colonia Sant Jordi on Wednesday, and in Campos on Thursday & Saturday, Ses Salines on Thursday, Santanyi on Wednesday & Saturday and Felanitx on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to traveling to Colonia De Sant Jordi again in the near future.





Photo Credit: traveltoitalyblog.x2beta.com

The Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Sicily.

Sicily is most definitely another  one on my list of places still to visit,  that and Rome.

I have heard so many wonderful stories about Italy and read a lot about it too,  in fact Sicily is a place that has always appealed to me in respect of places to live.

I’m not sure if it was the Gangster Movies I watched when I was younger or the things I have read,  but yes its one place I think I could settle in well.

I used to imagine if I lived there I would have my own Wedding Boutique I even visualised what the interior would look like.  I’m a lover of beautiful interiors and layouts of such places.

The first thing I look at in any shop when oversea’s is the layout and then I check to see if it is clean,  my husband & children say that it’s their pet hate anywhere we go.

Anytime we have gone on holiday I take or buy the cleaning products and it drives them nuts.

So maybe one day this will be one I could tick off my list of places to visit. 




My First Holiday Oversea’s


Photo Credit: travelpod.com

Hotel Lemar Colonia de Sant Jordi Mallorca.

I remember this like it were yesterday.  My first oversea’s holiday back in the 80s What a beautiful place,  a little Island off the coast of Spain with the most beautiful Cathedral. Even at night when the Cathedral is all lit up it’s the most stunning thing I have ever seen.

I will go back there one day and most likely nothing will have changed because there was nowhere else to build as it was bursting with hotel’s & apartments.  Further inland though was the most breath-taking tradition Spanish Homes, local people and Shops.

The Capital Palma is equally as beautiful but more lively,  I would say for the younger generation.

Hotel Lemar Colonia de Sant Jordi Mallorca.

Recuerdo esto como si fuera ayer. Mi primera ultramar de vacaciones en los años 80 ¡Qué hermoso lugar, una pequeña isla frente a la costa de España con la catedral más hermosa. Incluso por la noche, cuando la catedral está todo iluminado su la cosa más impresionante que he visto.

Me voy a volver allí un día y muy probablemente nada habré cambiado porque no había otro lugar para construir, ya que estaba estallando en el parece con el Hotel de & Apartments. Más hacia el interior, aunque fue el más impresionante tradición Casas españoles, la población local y tiendas.

La capital Palma es igual de hermoso, pero más vivo, yo diría que para la generación más joven.



What A View


Photo Credit: tbdress.com

If I could do it all again this is what my guests would have to look forward to.  A beautiful Greek setting and what better way to do it.  This could also be achieved if your lucky enough to live by the water but definitely a summer setting watching the sun go down whilst enjoying the view.