Budapest #buda #pest

Budapest #Buda #Pest

What an amazing city for budding photographers I mean, Wow, You really must visit.

Where Buda meets Pest! Two beautiful parts of the city brought together back in 1873 when it entered the new age of prosperity.

Traces of settlements have been found as far back as ‘The Stone Age’  Such interesting history as is with many countries I have visited.

I would highly recommend a visit at least once, for me once was enough. The only thing I found about Budapest is everything is pretty much on the doorstep e,g within the centre.

Once you have done the rounds which took three day’s it’s done, I dare say for the younger generation there will be plenty for them what with clubs and pubs.

Make sure you take plenty money though as I did find food and drink quite expensive, I also found Prague to be expensive certainly two cities I would have thought to be relatively cheap.

There is a vast amount of walking, if like me you book your hotel a little distance away from the centre, Boy, Did I make a mistake right there.

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia it was no walk in the park, more like walk in the dark!

It’s safe to say there was a fair bit spent between on Taxi’s etc, however, I will make sure the next destination is right where I need it to be.

I stayed at the Hotel Mediterran If I had to rate it out of 10 I would give it a 5. It was reasonably clean but it was no fancy hotel, the online photos make it look really pretty inside but it is very dated and to top it off there were what is locally known as Stink Bug also known as ‘The Green/Brown Beetle’ Aww Yuk, This thing was the size of an adult cockroach.

So there was the brown one in the bathroom which hit the floor with such force my friend thought she had dropped something 😂 Actually, it was no laughing matter, we spoke to the Hotel Reception who explained these things come in from outside when the temperature drops.

They change colour to Green, they fly and they make a buzzing sound. Well, if like me you don’t like creepy crawlies then you can imagine to my horror when they said ‘There is a warning notice on reception desk’

So for the last two nights I practically slept under the duvet to avoid those things crawling into my ears or up my nose, and as I snore, I know, Your thinking ‘She admits to that’? I sure do, not all the time mind.

I worried they may fly into my mouth and yes my hubby would probably say well, ‘That might have kept you quite!

Anyway that aside I must talk about the food which was pretty average but enjoyed, we found a Cantonese place called ‘Biang Bisztro’ to eat and OMG Did they serve the most amazing Beef Fried Noodles accompanied by an amazing pot of Tea and they were so good we went back a second night.

All the hotel’s offer a cut price ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ Tour Bus Ticket, DO NOT BUY FROM THE HOTEL. They receive commission from the tickets they sell and the one to avoid is ‘The Giraffe’ Very few and far between and unreliable, they stop taking people at 6.30pm so if you go say to the Jewish Quarters and you miss that bus, which is not marked very well where to wait then you have a very long walk back to your hotel.

We waited that long at various stops I actually thought that the ‘Giraffe has gone back to Africa’ 

I would say stay away from Burger king across the road from the above restaurant, they do not understand a word you say, they are extremely expensive and very very rude, to the point they actually show you by giving you the most appalling service.

I checked them out on Tripadvisor on my return and there are some pretty bad reviews on there, summed up my thoughts.

It’s getting late so I will post another blog on Budapest in the next couple of days with all the information on the sites including the ‘River Boat Tours’ ‘The Big Red Bus’ and some of my best shots in photography.







My Visit To #Munich #belindatravelstheglobe


I arrived in Munich last friday just after 4pm, to a warm welcome from my husband who had travelled from Kosovo (My hubby works for the United Nations) to spend the two nights with me in what I would describe as a fascinating city.

The Maritim Hotel, Munich  On first impression was rather lovely until I stepped into the reception area, I was very impressed with my surroundings.

Extremely clean and vibrant with its half-moon reception desk and equally pleasant staff.

I then proceeded to my room, well actually it was upgraded to a suite to my surprise and boy was I surprised with its large entrance which included enough cupboard space for jacket’s shoes, cloths and suitcases.

Not to mention a fridge with mini bar over the top shelving lit up to show the glasses, opposite side was the toilet.

There was a separate dining area which led to the sitting area with the flat screen TV and  tea, coffee-making facilities.

Another door then took me into the bedroom large enough to relax in and watch TV on the other flat screen Television with separate dressing table and lounging chair, included in the bedroom was dressing gowns and slippers.

Another door inside the bedroom took me into the luxurious bath/shower room with marble floors which also surrounded the bath, double sink area with large mirror.

I most definitely would recommend a stay at the Maritim which also boasts a beautiful piano bar, restaurant, conference room the list goes on.

The food was very good as the waiter came to the table to prepare the fish for the plate, which was very interesting because I now know how to easily remove the bones and plate up, presentation 10/10

If you would like to contact the Maritim Hotel for more information you can contact them here: or click the link above for their Facebook page.

While out and about:

I have visited many Cathedrals, churches, chapels around the globe but this was breathtaking for sure.

St Cajetan’s Theatine Church is a Catholic church in Munich southern Germany. Built from 1663 to 1690.

The church was built-in Italian high-Baroque style, never have I seen so much detail inside a building so beautiful. So much hard work and dedication went into this for sure and it shows.

The church has two organs: the older side organ and the newer main organ. Another organ predates both and was built-in 1686 when the church was first constructed.

I have never seen such an exquisite an organ absolutely stunning, I just wish I could have stayed for Sunday Mass but unfortunately I had to be at the airport, but I will definitely be back and attend Mass, highly recommended.

Lastly the Christmas Market, wasn’t what I had expected but was beautiful, I think had I had more time there then I would have appreciated it more as there was so much more to see and do but I had limited time.




‘And so the journey begins’

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be traveling to Munich the first of my next leg of #BELINDATRAVELSTHEGLOBE (See Diary 2017/18).

I’ll be adding to my Diary my travel plans for 2018 so stay tuned, but back to Munich.

With an abundance of cultural attractions I’m most looking forward to the Christmas Market, which they say is amazing I’m also looking forward to the photo opportunities I’ll have not to mention the history.

If all goes well I may go back on Oct 2018 for the Beerfest also known as Toytown Why? I hear you ask, because many of the glitter elements of urban living e.g litter, dirt and crime seem to be absent according to (Jeanette Griffiths of The Telegraph) the hotel looks amazing which I will reveal when I’m over there as I will be rating my overall stay.

Flying over with an airline I haven’t used before so I’ll let you all know my thoughts on them too, and of course the food through-out my visit.

Belinda x

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My visit to Prague

What can I say? Beautiful city with amazing architecture each corner of the square takes you to a new place which feels pretty much like it’s a giant circle because as you leave each corner you end up right back in the middle of the square.

Lots of walking which I have to say if you have any kind of disability then you best be prepared and most certainly wear the correct shoes.

Prague is the capital and largest city of Czechia It is also the historical capital of Bohemia and boasts some remarkable history.

Prague has been a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its history and is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th-century Europe. Main attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, old town square and the astronomical clock.

The boat ride is most definitely worth every penny, whilst taking in the most breathtaking sites and beautiful buildings.

I was rather fascinated by the Jewish quarter, with its large graveyard much to my surprise that the gravestone stood tall just like our own,

I asked the authorities why the gravestones stood up and weren’t like tombs which is what they are over in Jerusalem.


How they are buried has vastly changed through the millennia. Modern Jews bury their loved ones in cemeteries. In Israel, the body is usually lowered into the ground wrapped in a shroud, but without a coffin.

In the rest of the world, use of caskets varies by community, but is generally rare – especially in Eastern Europe and the Arab world. In the West, coffins have become the norm, possibly an adoption by the Jews from their Gentile neighbors.

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Why Krakow…

Krakow,  A City whose name derives from its legendary ruler Krak, is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful urban centres in Poland.

Rich in history, the most amazing architecture, wonderful relaxed atmosphere and all round home from home.

That’s exactly the reason I will return again and again, five day’s of bliss the sun was shining the whole time, the people were extremely friendly and the history was just captivating.

You cannot help but stop in your tracks when you see the those stunning building’s which I can only describe as a work of art, hard-working hands sure went into those all them year’s ago.

I stayed at Hotel Rezydent, in the Old Town for me this is by far the best place to be as everything was more or less on the doorstep.

There is so much to see and do and if I’m honest those five days were definitely not enough, I should have stayed at least ten day’s to see all that I wanted to see.

Photo 1: Wieliczka Salt Mines, Magnificent chapels, religious sculptures carved in salt, unique views. Beautiful chambers, galleries and passageways absolutely not to be missed I loved this visit, the chapels simply took my breath away.

Photo 2: St. Mary’s Basilica (Mariacki Church) Beautiful by day, stunning by night.

Photo 3: The Cloth Hall, One of the most characteristic and emblematic monuments in Krakow.  Main Market Square is the heart, not only of the old town but of the entire city, it is the scene of many events which include concerts, festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions.

You will also find many restaurant’s pub’s and cafe’s and the atmosphere is one of pure relaxation, just sit back enjoy a meal and or drink and watch the world go by.

Photo 4: St Albert’s Church, a very small church but considered one of the oldest places of worship in Krakow also situated in main square near Grodzka Street which is where I stayed.

Photo 5: The Water Feature, Can you believe I didn’t even know it was there until a stroll in the evening, light’s on and Wow, this was just so beautiful.

The photo’s I took (See Above) are just to give you a hint of what is available, There will be so much more to see come December on my YouTube channel, which will include captions and info that is sure to have you checking out the next flight over.

As well as my visit to the Salt Mines, I also visited Wawel, With all its beauty I could have stayed there the entire day. Wawel is a symbol of all that is Polish, inextricably linked with the history of the Polish nation. It is one of the most precious historic architectural complexes in the world.

It boasts some of the most amazing buildings which include; The Royal Castle that sits on a limestone hill looking over the old town which sits 25 metres above the Vistula River.

I could go on and on, but I think to truly experience all that Krakow has to offer you definitely need to visit. I highly recommend you do.

The two places I haven’t included is Auschwitz and Burkenau, simply because it will be available to watch on my YouTube Channel as a short film in which I will talk about my visit and there will be a slide show of photo’s that were taken.

However, as sad and disturbing as it was I’m glad that I went and I do plan on going back to Krakow once a year out with my other visits specifically to visit Burkenau.

I will say this though; Discrimination, Violence, Experimentation, Rapes, Extermination, Gas, Slave Labour. That’s just a few descriptions of the most Evil, Horrific, disgusting & Cruel act’s that took place in Auschwitz and Burkenau.

We must keep this part of history alive for generations to come, we must never let this kind of hate and evil ever happen again and most of all WE MUST remember all who suffered, and  who were killed during those dark cold day’s.

If you would like to visit Krakow I will include a link which will take you to Easyjet website I used them to book my trip and I was extremely happy with the price which also included my hotel and breakfast.

Easyjet Flights & Hotels

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Hotel Rezydent Krakow

Hotel Rezydent (1)

Hotel Rezydent Krakow

Hotel Rezydent is located in Krakow’s historical centre, along the Royal Route. This charming hotel is housed in a listed building and inside many original architectural features have been retained.

Guest rooms and suites provide guests with a relaxed atmosphere and features a host of modern amenities, including satellite TV. Many of the rooms also enjoy beautiful views over Grodzka Street, a part of the Royal Route.

The hotel also offers a fully equipped conference room, great for small business meetings. Breakfast is served between 7.00- 10.00 in the newly opened ‘Marmolada’ Restaurant at 5 Grodzka Street.

My stay here was extremely relaxing like home from home and I’m looking right now to get booked up for another visit all being well come October, when I arrived at reception I was greeted by very friendly staff, and given all the information that I needed including a map of the amenities in and around the area.

Once in the bedroom I was pleasantly surprised by the tall ceilings and chandeliers not to mention the newly reformed and large bathroom so much so I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and it was bliss.

The breakfast was buffet style and very enjoyable, may I just say that I highly recommend the Omlette’s they were so tasty I savoured every mouthful.

Overall I highly recommend Hotel Rezydent, everything you need right on the doorstep, very friendly staff, lovely food a typical traditional building which boasts many original features.

Hotel Rezydent is a perfect choice for those seeking comfortable accommodation and an ideal base from which to explore Krakow.

To Book Click The Link below

Book You’re Stay Here

Thank you Hotel Rezydent for making my stay a comfortable one, See you again soon.

Belinda Conniss