#TearsOnMyPillow #poetry

‘Finding the words to explain difficult and traumatic experiences can bring relief, it’s the beginning of the healing process and the end of a dark chapter in one’s life.’ The poems I have written are based on some of the events that I have experienced throughout my life. No names have been mentioned for legal … Continue reading #TearsOnMyPillow #poetry

It’s Here: #wherewaterflowsandgrassgrows #Poetry

    ‘Where Water Flows & Grass Grows’ by Belinda Conniss Now available On Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com and all other Amazon sites across the pond. The book is abvailable in two cover versions and available in print and Kindle form. This book of poetry is in part dedicated to all sufferers and those who suffered during the Mother … Continue reading It’s Here: #wherewaterflowsandgrassgrows #Poetry