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Stephen King’s Misery

Ouch! Just finished watching Stephen King’s Misery which I have to add I’ve now lost count how many times I’ve actually watched it.

The anxiety while watching you would not believe even though I know what happens.

Kathy Bates is certainly an amazing actress and played her part as Annie so well, I could not imagine a remake of this movie and someone else playing that role.

James Cann who plays the part of writer Paul Sheldon with such fear and as much anxiety as I had watching it, the best part for me was the sweat from his face and body when Annie returned home from the store.

You have to hand it to Stephen King, an amazing author who never fails to keep us gripped from start to finish.

If I could write even half as good as he does I would be on top of my game.



A Summary and Analysis of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Fairy Tale

Very enjoyable read.

Interesting Literature

The meaning of a classic story

‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was, Charles Dickens said, his first love. It is one of the most universally known fairy tales: if you were to ask 100 people to name a fairy tale, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ would be one of the most popular answers. And much like a number of other fairy tales, which seem to have grown up around older oral tales (‘Rumpelstiltskin’, for instance, is reckoned to be a whopping 4,000 years old), ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ can be traced back to the 10th century when it was circulating as a French oral tale, and also existed as a fourteenth-century Italian story named ‘The False Grandmother’, though it only became popular under this name in the 1690s, when it appeared in the work of the French fabulist Charles Perrault. It rapidly established itself as one of the best-loved and…

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Maria – The Irish Colleen: The Hidden Secret.

Available on Amazon; Maria The Irish Colleen, The Hidden Secret

The true story of Maria, after growing up in the Irish boglands, how her life unfolded over the years, and how she dealt with the many trials and tribulations that life threw at her. But little did she know, she was heading towards a horrendous nightmare that nearly destroyed her, like an explosion that blew her to bits. You will laugh, weep and cry throughout this incredible journey of one woman’s life.

Maria- The Irish Colleen: The Hidden Secret


The Little Greek Girl


The Little Greek Girl; Available on Amazon.co.uk on Kindle & Print.

This is my story. Left as an orphan on a doorstep, brought up in Greece, in World War 2, in poverty. Then as a teenager shipped off to Scotland to live with a cruel ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’ and years of hell. Eventually I escaped, eloped and married, and I am here to tell the story.

Highly recommended read click the link below for your copy.

The Little Greek Girl


Check out this book on the #iBooks Store: “#UpfromSlavery: an #autobiography” by #BookerTWashington

Up from Slavery is the 1901 autobiography of Booker T. Washington detailing his personal experiences in working to rise from the position of a slave child during the Civil War, to the difficulties and obstacles he overcame to get an education at the new Hampton University, to his work establishing vocational schools—most notably the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama—to help black people and other disadvantaged minorities learn useful, marketable skills and work to pull themselves, as a race, up by the bootstraps.

He reflects on the generosity of both teachers and philanthropists who helped in educating blacks and native Americans. He describes his efforts to instill manners, breeding, health and a feeling of dignity to students.

His educational philosophy stresses combining academic subjects with learning a trade (something which is reminiscent of the educational theories of John Ruskin). Washington explained that the integration of practical subjects is partly designed to reassure the white community as to the usefulness of educating black people. This book was first released as a serialized work in 1900 through The Outlook, a Christian newspaper of New York.

This work was serialized because this meant that during the writing process, Washington was able to hear critiques and requests from his audience and could more easily adapt his paper to his diverse audience.

Up From Slavery

Belinda (Recommendation)

A Short Analysis of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Winter: My Secret’ — Interesting Literature


A summary of Rossetti’s poem Christina Rossetti (1830-94) originally gave her poem ‘Winter: My Secret’ the rather less appealing title ‘Nonsense’. She renamed it with its more exciting title when it was published in Goblin Market and Other Poems in 1862. The new title immediately piques our interest. ‘Winter: My Secret’. But what secret? In […]

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The Curious and Little-Known Slang Terms Found in #ModernBritain — #Interesting #Literature

From Susie Dent’s fascinating new book on ‘modern tribes’ The lexicographer and etymologist Susie Dent is well-known in the UK thanks to her role as the resident word expert and adjudicator on the long-running Channel 4 quiz show Countdown (the very first programme broadcast on the channel in 1982; Susie Dent joined the show in 1992). Dent […]

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