A Little Taster #TheEmptySwing

A little Taster of The Empty Swing Before Life After Lily. Available to purchase on Amazon Worldwide. Introduction 1972 London, England, Elizabeth McDaid, aged 18, was working for the Times newspaper. Elizabeth came from humble beginnings in Simi Valley, USA. Her father, a farmer’s son, originally from Donegal, Ireland, and her mother a seamstress, left … Continue reading A Little Taster #TheEmptySwing


THE DARK SIDE OF THE WHITE COLLAR There is a dark cloud that looms over Ireland which sits heavy on the shoulders of those who suffered historical abuses and that of those who were illegally adopted, and those who allowed it to happen. ‘Beautiful Ireland’ That’s what people say, and indeed it is, but for … Continue reading SECRETS TO THE GRAVE

#Survival, it comes at a price. #mentalabuse, #emotionalabuse #physicalabuse #sexualabuse Is not okay!

Survival, it comes at a price. 'Becoming a survivor was a choice'. Coming to Amazon Dec 2020, a compilation of stories and poetry, sometimes we experience situations in life that test our patience, some may fall and find it hard to get back up, some are so mentally scarred it can change their outlook on … Continue reading #Survival, it comes at a price. #mentalabuse, #emotionalabuse #physicalabuse #sexualabuse Is not okay!