#nofuelwithoutfire #massshootings #bloodonhishands

Two mass shooting in the space of thirteen hours, when will it STOP? Most importantly when will Donald Trump and others like him learn to just keep it zipped?

The Gunman/men ran amok after tensions were raised before, during and after Mr Trump continues to rhetoric against immigrants.

Connor Betts shot drinkers in the Oregon district of Dayton opening fire on Ned Peppers bar from the street, victims including his sister and her boyfriend who were found dead in their car.

The news reports that a motive was not established, well I think it’s safe to say that if you continue to ‘Wave a bone in front of a dogs face it will eventually bite’.

Donald Trump’s continued tirades of abuse about Mexican’s and many other cultures, is dragging society down.

Here’s the thing though! It’s a well known fact that DT has indeed got issues about who should and shouldn’t be allowed into the country, however, I think he needs to be reminded that the very soil he is trying to protect actually belonged to not only Indians but Mexicans too.


Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. This war drained Mexico out which contributed to further neglect its Northern territories. While Mexico was at war with Spain, thousands of white colonists, cattleman, adventures, and mercenaries, were coming from other parts of North America that had been already invaded and occupied looking for land and gold they could find and obtain “by any means.”

In this process, whites perpetrated horrible crimes against Mexicans, because they believed in the concept known as “manifest destiny” which in practice meant to “kill everyone and take their lands”. Men and boys were taken by force out of their homes to be murdered, the women and little girls would be raped, murdered, their homes would be set on fire, and their animals would be slaughtered.

*** Crimes Against Humanity Right There and sadly it’s still going on ***

There is no doubt in my and others minds that DT has added ‘Fuel to an already smouldering fire’

It’s also well documented not only via media but video footage that this has been a long standing tirade of abuse by DT, we have seen it in black and white, we have heard it with our own ears, it dates back as far as the 1970s.

I fear that if DT is given another term in office there will be huge repercussions for him, one being an attempt on his life, as much as I and many disagree with his politics I would not like to see this happen.

Tonight I watched on the news while DT said that ‘Mental Health’ Was part of the problem with Guns in the States, NO Mr Trump lack of gun control and you berating others is what caused those particular shooting.

I’m not saying that there aren’t other reason for the 250 Mass Shooting this years alone but these particular shooting I think it’s safe to say that you contributed to them.

Enough is enough, too many people have died, too may children are now without parents/siblings and too many parents have lost their children.

My advice would be to change his attitude and most importantly STOP with the ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’ Start by rectifying the damage that has been cause by yourself and president’s before you,  most importantly treat everyone as equal, the world is big enough for everyone.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of the Oregon and El Paso Attacks and ALL before them.