Pizza Calzone

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Home Made Pizza Calzone is one of my favourites when slimming and want my meal to feel like I’m being bad!

Instead of using pizza dough that’s quite heavy for you. Replace this with a wrap – Look for wraps that are; Full of protein, no artificial flavouring, and or vegan / vegetarian.

For the base – I like to use Tomato puree mixed with white wine vinegar. Spread on the wrap evenly, leaving a small gap round the edges.

Filling – Pack half of the wrap full of your favourite toppings. I like to use; Chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn. Once done fold the wrap so that you have a half circle. Glaze with one beaten egg, topped with cheese, dried basil, and as an extra, sliced pepperoni.

Oven – Into the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 180

To finish – Side salad of your choice.

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