FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

FOOD & MOTIVATION #FoodDiary My Food Diary  My Food Diary If there is one thing that I am really bad at it's keeping track of what I should and shouldn't be eating, not to mention when I should be eating. Yes, Like many others I stuggle when it comes to weight but my excuse is; … Continue reading FOOD & MOTIVATION #MyFoodDiary #weightlosstracker #diets

Should We Really Look to Horoscopes?

Should we really look to horoscopes? Today I bought my usual monthy copy of The Lady Magazine and read my horoscope, something I haven't done since I was in my teens "You remember? How we couldn't wait until the next issue of Jackie or Smash Hits and yes, even My Guy 'Of course you do' Most if … Continue reading Should We Really Look to Horoscopes?