#DharMann Stay Humble

http://www.facebook.com/112083440587536/posts/134835131645700/ Stay humble, always remember where you came from and most importantly show compassion when needed. One of the biggest problems we are faced with today is the lack of compassion, especially in the world of business. It's sad but true in many sectors that profits takes precedence over the well being of each other. … Continue reading #DharMann Stay Humble

The Real From #cradletograve

http://www.aljazeera.com/podcasts/thetake/2020/08/network-abuse-irish-women-200812140100098.html *** WARNING *** Disturbing to listen to. A network of abuse against Irish woman. How Irish Mother & Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries/Institutions destroyed families, the church and state are accountable for the atrocities that took place in a very religiously dominated Ireland. The psychological affects of such on not only the survivors but those … Continue reading The Real From #cradletograve