#SOFATALKWithB Coming Soon

SOFATALKWithB Launching Dec 2019 and I will be taking my show on the road in 2020, I will be talking with many individuals on many topics both here in Scotland and overseas. I will also be talking about my #book #BehindClosedDoors Which I will be launching overseas, all will be revealed soon! If you would … Continue reading #SOFATALKWithB Coming Soon

#60DAYSIN Jail Time

#60DAYSIN Jail Time    Photo Credit: realitytitbit.com Seven volunteers became inmates at Clark County Jail, Please remember that ALL real inmates are innocent until proven guilty. Also known as The Jail 60 Days In. (Docuseries) Episode 1 - Unusual Suspects Episode 2 - First Timers Episode 3 - Cell Shock Episode 4 - Fight Face … Continue reading #60DAYSIN Jail Time