REGIIS Jan 2021 Issue 1

Formerly known as PERUSE

REGIIS the brand new magazine (Trial) and one I hope to publish on a monthly basis in the near future. Would you like to come on board? REGIIS will in time advertise your business in the forthcoming business page/s and so much more.

However I need you, the reader to come on board, I plan for REGIIS to have many more pages covering subjects such as, travel, hotels, food including recipes. I also want to show off your photography, perhaps you want to share how to get the best out of your camera.

Let’s do this together, as a writer I would like you to share your short stories, not only will all the above be published in REGIIS, I will also promote you via social media.

It’s a working progress and one I have so many ideas for but it takes a long time to put together, so, while we are on lockdown and in between my forthcoming book and documentary I will be working on REGIIS and hope to bring so much more content in the future.


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