Lily Van Horne #Book

New Lily Van Horne in Life After Lily


Coming Soon! Lily Van Horne in ‘Life After Lily

From the author of: The Empty Swing

It’s almost here, the long awaited Lily Van Horne continues twenty-five years after Elizabeth (The Empty Swing) Returned to Simi Valley.

Lily and her sister Rosie were born in 1977 in Simi Valley, California, the youngest of six children.

Lily’s childhood up until the age of seven was good and much like her sisters she was a happy child with big dreams, but, out of nowhere things began to change.

Her mother Elizabeth became unwell which had a huge effect on the way the sisters began to see each other, and as the years rolled on Lily began to suspect there had to be something that her and her sisters weren’t being told.

2002, Lily Van Horne now aged twenty-five and living in New York marries wealthy business owner Marcus Van Horne while running her own fashion store in Manhattan.

Lily was already experiencing troubles in her marriage to Marcus brought on by the close relationship he had with her sister Maggie, her world was crumbling so she decided to travel back to Simi in the hope of uncovering why the family were going through such turmoil.

When families keep secrets they eventually come back to haunt future generations, so when Lily traveled back to Simi Valley in the hope of uncovering the truth she began to unravel why her mother was so distant and why her sisters including her twin treated her so badly. Lily done everything she could to put things right, but was it enough to form some kind of bond with her family? The very people who should have had her back.

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