Cont’ Your Story Matters #MentalHealthAwareness

Your Story Matters – Mental Health Awareness

Incase you missed it? see my blog before this one on ‘Your Story Matters’


Here are some writing prompts to help you with your story, first though you want to begin your story with a really good sentence, one that will have the reader wanting more.

So read through the prompts below, pick the one that pops out at you, then, before you use that prompt think of you’re opening sentence.

If you feel adventurous enough you may use all prompts in your story, go on give it a bash!

Prompts –

Suddenly everything became blurry and dark…
The strangest thing happened after I…
On the other side of town…
My deepest secret…
Out of the blue, I heard footsteps in the empty, dark street…
Giving it her best, she finally…
Once again, I was late for…
Staring into the mirror…
I finally opened up my heart…
Waking up in a strange room was not something that he was expecting…

There is no time limit for your story, you may want to write a short story and take a few weeks, maybe you would like to write a full length novel? If the latter is the case then try the one page 300 words per day and take the whole year.

Remember if at any time you would like me to read any of your work or help you out then feel free to contact me.

The most important thing to remember is, writing is very therapeutic and will relieve stress and anxiety so try it, you may surprise yourself.


I am relatively new to writing myself, after writing on and off for several years, I finally published my first book back in 2016, so, I’m not a best selling author, but a girl can dream right! 😉

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