The Real From #cradletograve

*** WARNING *** Disturbing to listen to.

A network of abuse against Irish woman.

How Irish Mother & Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries/Institutions destroyed families, the church and state are accountable for the atrocities that took place in a very religiously dominated Ireland. The psychological affects of such on not only the survivors but those who to date know the full scale? of those atrocities will continue to weigh heavy on our hearts.

While there are many more supporting the survivors, there are still many who refuse to believe that it happened and or just refuse to acknowledge that those responsible must be held to account.

This is not an isolated case, it is one which happened in many other countries, the survivors who are fighting for justice will tell you; ‘This is not about receiving compensation‘ It is about their human rights and that of their families, those who died and those still living.

It is about knowing who they are because while all the illegal adoptions were going on they were stripped of their identity, names were changed on birth records, and so much more.

Since investigations began there have clearly been more lies, contradictions and the refusal to bring those still alive in front of a judge to face punishment for the horrible things that happened to mothers and their children.

Too many deaths, many with the same reason given as, (Cause of death). Many of those children were used as part of medical research which included dissection without the knowledge of their mothers.

(It’s my own opinion, when I here exactly what took place in those institutions, my thoughts turn to Hitler! Many may be offended when I say that, but I won’t apologise, because it is heartbreaking and weighs heavy on my own heart when knowing that any human being could commit such a crime or inflict this kind of pain and suffering to any other.)

My biggest question? Why are the Catholic Church so untouchable? As far as I am led to believe the Catholic Church can’t be taken to court? (Correct me if I’m wrong). What happened to the many thousands, perhaps millions that they received in money for the illegal sale of the children? How many other secrets are locked away in that box of secrets?.


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