#exercisecygnus What’s Going On?

Exercise Cygnus What’s Going On?

According to reports ‘A DRILL’ Named ‘Exercise Cygnus’ took place in October 2016 which involved ALL major Government departments, the NHS and Local Authorities across the UK.

The report showed that there was discrepancies in Emergency Preparations and Responses in the EPRR Plan.

What they found was that there is nowhere near enough PPE for doctors and nurses and that the NHS have a shortage of ventilators. And that critical care and morgues were set to overflow.

So, why was nothing done about this? Surely from past experiences they should have been prepared for such a pandemic right?

Obviously not! I read in a newspaper article relating to ‘Exercise Cygnus’ That the Government REFUSED to have the finding published stating that it was too horrifying for the public to know.

So what on earth is going on and what don’t they want us to know? What we do know is, that it is serious enough that they knew there were going to be many thousands of deaths worldwide.

So if in 2016 they knew what was to come and the outcome, then we now know that THEY the Government have not only kept this from us ‘The Public’ But in eyes commited a ciminal offence.

There are so many theories out there not to mention fake news that it’s hard to know what to believe, however the statement in regards Exercise Cygnus is FACT!

The Government were made aware from the report that they would need to build and plan extra support for people who have underlying health issues, why was this not adhere too?

However, according to the drill test, exercise cygnus was assumed to be the H2N2 Infulenza Virus not Covid-19 which is the Coronavirus. Both however spread rapidly and kill.

So the Government were and are aware of this report yet choose not to act on it and make the public aware of what was to come, are they in some way responsible for the many deaths that could have been avoided? YES! They most certainly are and should be held accountable.

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