#Books Coming soon! #fiction #thriller #mafia

Books Coming soon!

Coming Soon! 2021/22

Two new books ahead and covers already done, writing will begin after ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Is published in Aug 2020.

A Time To Die ‘A man who desires revenge will dig many graves, including his own’ (Fictional Drama, Thriller & Suspense).

I’m feeling excited about this one as it will be my first thriller, suspense story which I have partially drafted ready to begin writing after the summer.

I already have a heap of ideas going on in my head as to the storyline and outcome, although many writers will agree when I say that could change.

So many ideas come to fruitician while writing takes place which can change our original ideas and mix things up a little.

Vow of Silence ‘When I tell you to jump, you jump’ (Fictional Mafia).

My first in this subject but some real good ideas came to mind on my last visit to San Francisco back in 2017 which is where I decided I would write a book about the Mafia.

Although a fan of Mafia movies for many years and having some knowledge of,  ‘let’s just say’, Mafia style going-ons.

However, thats for another book! I do have one or two individuals to consult along the way in keeping things real in terms of the story.

(All will be revealed in the book)

Watch this space!

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