#Coronavirus #COVID-19 And all this Panic Buying

#Coronavirus #COVID-19 And all this Panic Buying

Can I just begin by saying PEOPLE, we are not in the midst of a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

I really needed to get that out there, however, it is no laughing matter. What is wrong with people?

There are so many people who think of nobody but themselves and their families when it comes to this panic buying malarkey! Are they thinking of the elderly who are most vunerable?

What about the hospitals etc? People are actually stealing Toilet Rolls, Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Gloves from the very people who need them in order to treat those who have been most affected.

I sure hope that those who have stole those ‘Very Necessary’ items don’t need to be hospitalized, they will be in for a very sharp shock.

As for supermarkets, They MUST ration items that are needed so that everyone can have what they need.

I would also like to say that there is so much FAKE NEWS As per! Going around social media in regards to the Pandemic of Coronavirus.

So many are posting how, This will work and that won’t work, so many are actually believing these ridiculous posts, I did too!

The best information you will get comes from The World Health Organisation and the United Nations

All the information you need is there including the best way to protect yourself and your family.

Now, while I’m on the subject of protecting yourself, there is something I need to get of my chest that has had me up in arms this last week in particular.

While other countries are taking the correct and very necessary steps to protect their people, the U.K has and is denying these messures to protect theirs, why?

While I understand that jet2 sent an oncoming flight carrying passangers from Spain to Edinburgh, back to Spain mid air, (Good on them) I happen to know first hand that an individual who has travelled to several countries this last four weeks was able to fly home to Edinburgh without being checked if she may be a carrier of COVID-19.

I believe that our airports are not testing people who fly into the U.K? (At the time of my publishing this blog) ‘Correct me if I am wrong’

Why has Boris Johnston took such a care less attitude approach to the health and well being of  U.K Citizens?

We have been warned by Italy that if we DO NOT take action NOW Then we are in big trouble.

Kosovo has three individuals who are carrying the virus, two of whom flew in from Italy, they have immediately gone into lockdown, in other words nobody gets in unless they are a citizen of that country and nobody gets out.

The three individuals who are carrying the virus are in Quarantine so that they cannot pass the virus on.

I also know an individual who has been told to fly back to Denmark immediately as they are also on lockdown.

So what’s going on with the U.K? What springs to mind is GREED, pure and simple, are our Government afraid to lose money? Yes, the economy will be affected big time but does that really matter when your life is at risk?

So please STOP with all the panic buying, follow a few simple rules in regards to Hygiene both personally and outdoors, things WILL eventually get back to normal, granted it is going to take some time.

Our lives and that of our loved one’s is very important but we must all stick together and that includes this diabolical excuse of a Government.

#staysafe Everyone and PLEASE 🙏 Check on your elderly neighbours 😘








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