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LAUNCHING 2020 @SOFATALKWithB #sofatalkwithb #letstalk

It’s finally coming together, SOFA TALK With B is a new PODCAST which will launch in  2020.
The PODCAST was meant to begin Jan past but due to unforeseen circumstances (See Cancer Blog Here on my website) I had to put it on hold.

‘The name has been changed from ‘WOMAN TALK’ For three reasons,
1. I had decided that it would not be fair to have only woman involved.
2. The Nature of the subjects relate to both genders.
3. Some of my potential guests will actually be men.

Every Saturday evening from 9 until 11pm (Although times may vary) I’m here and I’m listening, So let’s Talk!
So, If you feel like having a good old natter then this is the place for you! Updates will be posted from time to time on my Facebook page: SOFA TALK With B and here on my Website (Just click on the link on main page).
You’ll also find me on Twitter click the link below.

Belinda Conniss

The Rules

There can be no bad press in relation to peoples businesses if you have had a bad experience then blog about it by all means on your own social media.

Under no circumstances is there to be any talk that incites racial discrimination, discrimination against religion, discrimination against sexual orientation or anything that may cause harm to others.

(We can however talk about issues in relation to the above but without discriminating and or becoming irrational)

There will be discussions in relation to and including that of a sensitive nature for instance the situation of the ‘Mother & Baby Homes’ (See my forthcoming book)

Facebook: #belindaconnisspublishedauthor That were run by various religious organisations.

There will be no ranting and raving or foul language this is not what ‘SOFA TALK’ is all about, it’s just casual conversation, which may include serious issues but also fun and laughter, a place to relax and unwind.

Feel free to message about anything that you would like to discuss.
I’m Looking for you! I will be taking #SOFATALKWithB on the road (See DIARY 2020) On my website top of the page!

If you have an issue you would like to talk about? Perhaps you are fighting for justice, or someone who is being unfairly misjudged, or you want to get the facts out there because media and or newspapers have blackened your name? Then get in touch on the CONTACT FORM Here or private message me on Facebook.

I can think of several people who have been wronged, so go on get in touch I DON’T HOLD BACK AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!



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