It’s Almost Here 2020

It’s almost almost 2020

Well, guy’s It’s almost the end of 2019 as we knew it! Granted it wasn’t such a good year for many, yet was a great year for others, for me and my family we can’t really complain, we had not a bad year considering.

Some of you will already know the fight we had on our hands with my husbands Cancer Diagnosis, I am pleased to report that after eighteen weeks of Chemotherapy and an operation his last CT Scan came back clear. (No signs of any Cancer)

However, we aren’t out of the woods completely as most sufferers know it will take five more years of checkups before he is given the 100% All clear.

As for me it has taken its toll, as a wife and mother like many others, we know how this affects our everyday routine and that includes what I do for a living.

I have touched on the fact that many of my projects including my forthcoming book Behind Closed Doors Had to sit on the back burner until things got back to normal.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to concentrate when other things are on our minds, for me it was extremely hard to do just that.

Now that the festivities are almost over and we approach a new year, I am focusing on what needs to be done in terms of my writing etc, all being well things will begin to speed up.

One year is long enough to have not done the things I wanted to do or should have done, so once those bells ring, Its time for me to get to it.

I have promised myself that I will blog more often even if it’s only a quickie (Pardon the pun!) While most days, I will be writing as I have given myself a deadline for my book.

I will also be looking to have my magazine PERUSE back online but not monthly as before because it’s too much work for me on my own at the moment.

My Podcast SOFA TALK MEDIA Was meant to be going LIVE as of 30th of this month, while everything is in place I am having a few sound issues in regard to crackling but rest assured it will be happening as soon as I get my technical team to have this sorted.

I have now just set up my new office (Photos to follow) I can’t begin to tell you how good it is to actually have some space to move around.

As well as sorting my new office my husband has been converting our garage which was a Sauna/Bar room before, now it is a bedroom/sitting-room and is looking so good. (Photos to follow)

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and as the New Year (Hogmanay in Scotland) Approaches I would like to wish you all Good Health & Much Happiness.

Happy New Year When it comes!


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