DIARY 2020

DIARY 2020

JAN 2020 – NEW YEAR!

This month I will NOT be traveling, instead I will be focusing on a schedule of this years events whilst giving myself more time to write, I will be taking on more work with my affiliate account while bringing you the best in ‘Tried & Tested’ With honest reviews.

This past year I have read so many books and watched several movies all reviews will be done in the coming months so look out for them too.

Want to work with me? Then get in touch, I am looking for you!


Twitter:     @BelindaConniss7   #sofatalkwithb #letstalk

YouTube:   SOFATALKWithB

FEB – Date to be confirmed. (SEE APRIL)

 #SOFATALKWithB – Tipperary – Ireland

I will be traveling to Ireland to talk to one woman about the emotional journey of the survivors of the mother and baby home/s including her own story. This will be broadcast on my YouTube channel and of course my PODCAST @SOFATALKWithB.

MARCH – Donegal – Release of Behind Closed Doors – Launching in Ireland (NOW HAPPENING IN JULY) See April Below.

I will be in Donegal at the end of this month watch for updates.

(Behind Closed Doors) Will be published In July, the plan was to launch the book in the ‘States’ However, I have been asked to launch it in Ireland instead and have kindly excepted the offer.

Although a vast number of the survivors now reside in the States, they were born in Ireland and as the commemorations take place on the first weekend of July each year it does make more sense to launch the book there.

APRIL – Wales – Ireland

The plan this month is to take a couple of mini breaks and catch up with some travel photography.

I will keep updating this section as and when once I know where I’m going because I’m still busy right now and trying to plan ahead.

‘2018/19 Was a bit of a rough year as most will know with my husbands diagnosis of Cancer, please read ‘Cancer Blog’ We would still like to push this particular story in the hope that we may be able to help others in similar situations’.


I will be filming my Docucast over in Roscrea, Tipperary this month which will be available to view via my ‘YouTube’ Channel @SOFATALKWithB.

If you would like to take part then please get in touch with me on the ‘Contact Form’ I would also like you to get in touch with names of your loved one’s who sadly passed away at SRA if you would like their names included in the memorial section of the book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ 

You can also contact me by private message on Facebook @SOFATALKWithB with any questions relating to SRA Mother & Baby Home.

MAY – KosovoMontenegro 

Between August & October – California

I will be traveling back to California sometime between Aug and Oct (Dates to be confirmed)

Plans include Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Hollywood and much more. I will post regular updates as and when so keep your eyes 👀  peeled, there is some exciting stuff ahead. 😘

July – Roscrea, Tipperary

I will be attending the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations on the first weekend of this month and will be launching ‘Behind Closed Doors’ While there.


‘Somewhere between August and October I will be traveling back to the States and hope to fit in a few days in Canada while over there. I will keep this updated as and when’.





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