#MotherandBabyHome The Opening of Corville House/Sean Ross Abbey


In 1932 Corville house was opened as a mother & baby home, the name was changed to Sean Ross Abbey.

The house was run in a harsh regime, the woman who entered the home and for some had to stay for up to four years after their child was born, they worked on the farms or in the laundries.

Almost all the children were put up for adoption and sold to wealthy families overseas, between 1950 and 1970 between 400-500 babies were sent to America alone, (Figures may be higher).

The mother & baby home closed and once again changed it name to St Anne’s and continues to operate the school for children with complex needs.

In February 2018, the sisters put up for sale a large part of the campus, exclusive of St. Anne’s school and the cemeteries, which will continue to be maintained by the congregation, and remain accessible.



As a supporter and advocate of the survivors of the mother & baby home at Sean Ross Abbey I was very privileged and grateful to be invited to the opening of the big house formally known as Corville House. and now known as St Anne’s

This took place on 6th October 2019 and a very emotional yet poignant day for all concerned, many traveled from afar to be there with the local people some of whom  were born in SRA.

This day of course could not have been possible if not for Teresa Collins and Michael Donovan who were in contact with the new owner Tony Donlan (A well respected Businessman) Who very kindly opened the doors.

I believe that Tony has plans for the future of SRA in the way of a (Culenary School) A great idea I have to say.

I have also been informed that Tony has kindly offered to host a BBQ in July 2020 for those who travel to Roscrea, Tipperary for the commemorations, which is hosted each year on the first Sunday of July.

This coming July 2020 will be my fourth year attending the commemorations and it’s with thanks to social media, the press and of course word of mouth more people are attending and not only those who were born in SRA but also other mother & baby homes the likes Tuam, in Co Galway.

This October’s visit coincided with the release of ‘Republic of Shame’ Written by: Caelainn Hogan and available at Easons Books

Tipp FM’s Very own Eamon O’Dwyer was there to interview those who were born in the home amongst others, you can hear his broadcast here SRA Broadcast and of course PJ Wright was there to take the photosgraphs for the local papers.

My own book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers is due for release in March 2020 possibly before (I will keep everyone updated) I am pleased to say that I will be launching my book over in Ireland Dates time and place will be updated here on my website and on Twitter  Facebook Nearer the time.

Other News

I will be talking to one lady this coming 2020 on #SOFATALKWithB about the emotional journey of the survivors including her own story. Stay up to date with what’s happening and when, here SOFA TALK With B

I am taking SOFA TALK MEDIA on the road (From time to time) talking to many people on various topics, if you would like to talk then get in touch.

I’m looking to talk to those who spent time in ‘Smyllum Park Orphanage’ Your anonymity will be guaranteed if requested, just get in touch on the CONTACT form at the top of my website. Or private mail me on Facebook/Twitter.

I will always call you back!


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