#60DAYSIN Jail Time

#60DAYSIN Jail Time


60 DAYS IN Photo Credit: realitytitbit.com





Seven volunteers became inmates at Clark County Jail, Please remember that ALL real inmates are innocent until proven guilty.

Also known as The Jail 60 Days In. (Docuseries)

  • Episode 1 –    Unusual Suspects
  • Episode 2 –    First Timers
  • Episode 3 –    Cell Shock
  • Episode 4 –    Fight Face
  • Episode 5 –    Friends Without Benefits
  • Episode 6 –    Full Inmate
  • Episode 7 –    Pod Drama
  • Episode 8 –    Shakedown
  • Episode 9 –    Alone for the holidays
  • Episode 10 – Insititutionalized
  • Episode 11 – 11th Hour
  • Episode 12 – Exodus
  • Episode 13 – Aftermath
  • Episode 14 – Where are they now…

From the very first episode I was hooked and I’m guessing you will be too, If you haven’t watched 60 Days In on Netflix I highly recommend you do.

In an attemp to better understand and get to the root of crime and corruption inside Indiana’s Clark County Jail seven participants take on the role of undercover criminals.

Zack Baker, Jeff Downs, Robert Holcomb,  Isaiah Jenkins, Tami Ferraiuolo, Barbara Roylance Williams, Maryum May Ali.

Maryum May Ali – Social Worker, who was named Yazmin Brown for the benefit of the show as she is the daughter of Muhammad Ali decided to take part in the show to better understand the minds of real life criminal gangs in an attempt to further her own knowledge in helping to prevent gang members on the outside from being taken to jail.

I liked Maryum and definitely see the potential to help those on the outside especially the younger generation. (Completed the 60 days)

Barbara Roylance Williams – Housewife & Mother of two, at first I wasn’t sure that she would last the pace, I really think she is, 1. Very young  2. Very timid and nieve.

The look of fear on her face definitely showed at first, I think she looked like a scared little child, how wrong was I though? She came through after befriending a couple of the real inmates but not before falling out with Tami.

Credit were it’s due I totally understood her ‘I’m not getting involved attitude’ Because in real life that’s what happens, look out for number one in this type of enviroment.

Barbara has a real good head on her shoulders and I think she would do well if she took up a law degree. (Completed the 60 days)

Tami Ferraiuolo – Former Police Officer, I liked Tami, then I didn’t then I did, Tami had a turbulent childhood (Self Confessed) I felt this showed throught-out the episodes and at times I felt I wanted to give her a good grilling and tell her to pipe down.

She did seem to have a very intimidating stance about her which didn’t help when the other inmates were loud and annoying.

Eventually things got sorted between her and Barbara which came good and after taking care of a few issues things were back on track. (Completed the 60 days)

Isaiah Jenkins – High School Graduate & youngest participant who at the time of filming had a brother already in jail and was determined never to be taken to one in real life himself, was the first to say the secret words ‘Hot Coffee’ When he felt his life was in danger.

After talking with his mother he realised that he wanted to see it through and not give in, he done good and came across as a shy young man who didn’t have an ounce of criminal thought, he kept his head down best he could and got on with it.

As far as I know he went on to further his education and I’m glad he did I can definitely see the potential for good things ahead. (Completed the 60 days)

Jeff Downs – Security Officer, participated in the show because of his interest in becoming a correctional officer.

Unfortunately he left the show after just seven days after being attacked by a mentally ill inmate who claimed the television was talking to him about Jeff.

My own perception of Jeff? I really think that he should stay in the security profession, I don’t think he is cut out to be a correctional officier and although he claims that he strongly believes he would be good at it ‘With backup support should he need it’, I have disagree. (Out after just seven days)

Zack Baker – Former US Marine Corp, who signed up for the show while pursuing a career as a DEA Agent was in my eyes the best man to take up a career as a correctional officer, he took his training on board and used it to full advantage and in doing so came up against no obsticles along the way.

Zack like may others has had some negatives in his life and managed to turn them into positives, he is a loving family man with a very supportive wife and personally I think they deserve a break. I think he has a very good future ahead of him. (Completed the 60 days)

Robert Holcomb – Support Teacher, what can I say? I really think this guy was the clown of the show right from the start/training, I knew he would not succeed, you’ve all heard the saying ‘The Joker of the Pack’ I think during his training for the show they knew or at least had an idea that he was just not taking it seriously enough.

I personally think there are some Psychological issues with this guy? He was sent to solitary confinement for his stupidity in covering the wing camera with a towel. (A very serious offence in prison).

His take on why he done it,  He was trying to impress the other inmates’ No! I think we all know that he wanted out of there because he couldn’t cope.

After just five weeks he was removed from the program for medical reasons, I will leave you, the viewers to determine your own views on that one. I for sure didn’t fall for that little act. (Out after just five weeks)

Jamey Noel – Sherrif of Clark County Indiana & Scottie Maples Captain & Public Information Officer were absolutely spot on in their observations of all undercover inmates goes to show that their training before taking up their positions in the correctional facilities stood them good, both very professional men and exceptionally good at their jobs.

My views on the prison services both here in the U.K and overseas – When you watch this docuseries you can see that the lack of programs for inmates has a huge impact on their everyday life both inside jail and when they are released back into society.

The lack of eduction, exercise, mediation and support through their demons serves for why so many repeat offend and end up back inside.

Boredom inside jail coupled with the length of time spent in solitary confindment adds to the demons they are already faced with hence so much built up anger, confusion and no self worth.

In some prisons they can sit and watch television something I personally don’t agree with, there are so many who end up in prison who are highly educated, I would help them to recognise those skills so that they can teach others in prison.

Some do however come out of prison and go on to gain degrees, some will end up with in successful jobs but they are few and far between.

There is so much that prisons can do to help criminals reform and become better people in society given the resources.

But there is a never ending cycle of crime, the root of which lies bang in the middle and will take hard work, resources and a great deal of thought to break that cycle.











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