Should We Really Look to Horoscopes?

Should we really look to horoscopes?

Today I bought my usual monthy copy of The Lady Magazine and read my horoscope, something I haven’t done since I was in my teens

“You remember? How we couldn’t wait until the next issue of Jackie or Smash Hits and yes, even My Guy ‘Of course you do’

Most if not all of us young teenagers just couldn’t wait for the horoscopes especially if we were dating some guy, when I think back to those fun years I can’t help but have goosebumps.

Although we are all getting on a bit now we still remember our first dates, right? And we all remember the song that was in the charts at that time.

Mine was Dog Eat Dog by Adam & The Ants and boy was I in love;  Not with the boyfriend may I add, but with Adam Ant. 😉

Go on admit it, some of you girls loved him too? I remember I couldn’t wait for the edition of Smash Hits that not only included the lyrics to his music but his full size poster as well.

Wow, If only we knew back then what we know now, but reminiscing is good for the soul so go on girls get those old tunes out.

Can I just mention that Dod Eat Dog Was the first record I ever bought and I actually think I may still have it in my memory case.

So, what did my horoscope have to say?

At least some progress can be made to improve a family problem before ruler Venus moves into Libra and suddenly life lightens considerably. My old joie de vivre returns, the next season’s look is adopted and people I haven’t seen for a long time turn up from nowhere. With charisma at maximum, I’ve to use this time to win over people who have shown resistance.

“I’m not sure what this is telling me but the first part, I feel its saying that were Life Lightens Considerably could be the good news that my family have been waiting for in regards to a health matter. (See Cancer Blog)

I think it’s about time my old ‘Joie De Vivre’ Returned, this last year has seen some ups and downs, a little stressful at times which has affected my motivation both physically and emotionally. So yes, I definitely will welcome it back.

There are indeed several individuals whom I haven’t seen in a long time but that is all set to change in the coming year, there are so many things to catch up on with several new projects that should have started at the beginning of this year”.

Am I going to start reading my horoscopes again? No, I’m afraid not, as nice as it was to relive that teenage era just for a few seconds I think I will leave those horoscopes to the teens of today. 😘





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