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My Food Diary


If there is one thing that I am really bad at it’s keeping track of what I should and shouldn’t be eating, not to mention when I should be eating.

Yes, Like many others I stuggle when it comes to weight but my excuse is; Well actually, it’s not really an excuse but I have an ‘Underactive Thyroid’ (Thyroid Disease) Which means when I took to ‘Slimming World’ I was only able to lose a maximum of one stone.

Don’t get me wrong that was really all I could manage considering my condition, however, I do believe I could and should do better.

So I have bought myself ‘My Food Diary’ Available by clicking the highlighted link above in a bid to try that little bit harder.

I can’t always make it to SW for weigh-ins for several reasons but I do have many of the cookbooks that I can use at home and still lose the weight, not that I need to lose a huge amount and as far as my Sugar Levels, Cholesterol, Liver, Kidneys etc is concerned they are what they should be.

For those like myself of a certain age we do worry about our health and we really need to keep control of how and what we eat, especially as so much has changed in the food industry in years gone by.

By purchasing ‘My Food Diary’ I plan to focus on how I want to look a year from now which will of course require an exercise regime too, one which fits with being a  Fibromyalgia sufferer.

What I like about this book is the fact that it has exactly what I need in terms of how I want to record my food, drink and exercise.

It looks good, it feels good and I would highly recommend you purchase your very own it’s by far the best weight loss tracker I have found and it will fit neatly into your Handbag/Bag, so no excuses folks. 😘







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