Hitting A Blank Wall

Hitting A Blank Wall

Whilst I feel I have hit a blank wall this last eight months or so in terms of writing etc, I can be forgiven for thinking ‘What am I doing’?

I’m pretty sure those who have felt the stress of a family member who has been given a diagnosis of that dreaded (C) word will understand that mind set.

(See my blog on Cancer);

This last eight months have been stressful although not as stressful for me as my husband, fear not things are going good.

His Pathology report came back to say that since his operation there is no sign of Cancer but we aren’t out of the woods yet!

With another three rounds of Chemo over the next nine weeks to blast any floating Cancer that may be there from the operation, we wait with bated breath.

The prognosis is good though and we will be glad when it’s all over.

Anyhow, this is why I haven’t been working so hard of late but I’m only a stone throw away from being back in full form.

I have recently been away to Ireland (See My Diary) for the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations.

A great weekend catching up with friends yet still very emotional and poignant, I will do a write-up on that in the next few day’s as well as my review on the ‘Racket Hotel’ in Roscrea, Tipperary.

So please be patient there is lots to come and once I have a clearer view after my husband’s treatment finishes you can be sure ‘I’ll be on it like a rocket’

Belinda 😘

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