Feel Good | Look Good | Be-You-nique

Unique By Belinda Conniss       Uni2

FEEL GOOD | LOOK GOOD | Be-You-nique
Because We Deserve It!
I can’t believe that I have actually changed my usual brand of make-up after forty years.
As a wife, mother of three and 50+ I was a stickler for ‘Stick To What You Know’ Well, here is why I have now changed that thought process.
Until recently I hadn’t heard of ‘Younique’ A friend who is a presenter of the company was posting gorgeous photos of the products on offer and one in particual being the ‘Epic Mascara’ I saw how voluptuous her eyelashes were and thought, “I need this”
Now, as a woman in the 50+ range and like many other woman we get to that age were our bodies start to change with age and in particular our lashes which become less noticable.
I can’t begin to explain the excitment after I applied my new Epic Mascara, for the first time in a very long time they were long and full length once again.
My daughter became a presenter, she posted some amazing shots of herself with another Mascara ‘Moonstruck Epic 4D’ So of course I wanted it!
My eyes have always been my best feature even though these days I felt they weren’t as prominent as they used to be, however they are as good now as they were in my younger days after applying the Moonstruck Epic 4D.
It isn’t only the mascara that’s got me excited, there are so many amazing products and the very fact they can match a product for my skin tone and get it spot on is a huge bonus, so you’ve guessed it! I also became a presenter.
ladies please follow my page on Facebook: – www.youniqueproducts.com/BelindaConniss
I promise you I wouldn’t promote Younique unless I truely belived in the product and I can guarentee, you will love it.
P.S I’ll be posting photos over the next few days of the before and after of my eyes with the Moonstruck Epic 4D. 😘

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