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Stop Digging!

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Another wonderful interview by James English with our very own George Galloway, a man whom I think should be our Prime Minister, a man who stands for what he believes in, that being peace amongst all people.

As a supporter of George Galloway I have nothing but good to say about him, like myself and many others he is a strong supporter of the Palestinian people, I have many Palestinian friends who hold him in high regard and support him also.

George is never afraid to tell it like it is, he doesn’t just ‘Talk the Talk’ He walks it and does so with such grace.

If you haven’t seen George Galloway V US Senate Please watch, never have I admired anyone like I have George for the way in which he handled his case.

George would be good for this country he is a strong leader, straight talking and takes no nonsense. During his interview with James, James asks him; What would you do to make this world a better place? George said; ‘Stop Digging’

I absolutely agree with everything he said but you need to watch the interview I don’t want to spoil it by telling you.

James English Interview with George Galloway

Like many people I have a lot to learn in regards to Politics and I’ve learned a lot from listening to George I only hope that one day I can meet him in person, who knows perhaps I may bump into him next time I’m over in Palestine.

You can keep up to date with George on Twitter and Talk Radio and his Website



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