DIARY 2019


Diary 2019

Feb/March 2019 – Ireland – Tipperary & Galway (Will now coincide with my visit in July)

I will be over in Ireland talking to survivors of the Mother & Baby Home era in relation to my forthcoming book “Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers.

It has been and will continue to be a long battle for justice from the Church & State for the atrocities that were caused back in those homes, also the Magdalen Laundries, Smyllum Park Orphanage and most likely many, many others.

If you are or were in any way connected to any of the Mother & Baby Homes and would like even just a little of your story told in the book then please get in touch. If you would like to have anonymity that will not a problem.

By telling your story you are contributing to the cause,  a % of the proceeds from the book will be donated to various committees who work continually to have those who are buried in unmarked graves given a plot and proper burial whereby they may be remembered.

You will also be supporting them in the fight for justice for those who suffered abuse of any kind at the hands of the Church.

July – Tipperary – Galway

I’ll be back in Roscrea, Tipperary for the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations then on to Galway for a few days, staying at a well recommended hotel with the most amazing views.

There will be plenty of photography on the Galway trip, as well as some In Tipperary. (Stay updated for my blog, recommendations, photography and podcast).
August – Jordan – Jerusalem – Bethlehem (All being well with my husbands recovery; SEE CANCER BLOG)

This trip will include a visit & stay in ‘The Walled Off Hotel’ Known for its fine art work by the likes of Banksy (Can I jump with joy)? Heck, I’m going to anyway.

I’m so excited that I will be visiting here again, it’s been a few years since my last visit and I’m looking forward to seeing our friends again.

October – Tipperary – Ireland

I’ll be traveling back to Roscrea, Tipperary in Ireland again this month for the opening of the nuns house formally known as Corville House.

November – Wales

A long overdue trip to Wales to visit friends, I hope to visit Liverpool on-route to speak with a gentleman in regards to the murder of his son, I will be updating on this nearer the time.

Feb 2020 – #SOFATALKWithB – Tipperary

I will be traveling to Ireland to talk to one woman about the emotional journey of the survivors of the mother and baby home/s including her own story. This will be broadcast on my YouTube channel and of course my PODCAST @SOFATALKWithB.

Coming in 2020 – USA Tour – Still in the planning stages

There is something big happening in 2020 Stay connected all will be revealed soon!!! keep an eye on Social Media when I will be adding another trip to visit Ponte Vecchio at the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn I will tasting Mussels in a Red Tomoato Sause while enjoying a chat and a Cocktail or two with Teresa Napolitano Aprea from RHONJ and I’m looking forward to it and there are a few other surprise guests. Italians Do It Best.


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