‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers’

‘Behind Closed Doors’  The Baby Brokers

My name is Belinda Conniss, I am a published Author and a member of the association of freelance writers.
My forthcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers Which is due for publication around the end of 2019 is now in the process of being written thanks to YOU!
We are all aware of the scandal that has hit the headlines this last few years in regards to the ‘Mother & Baby Home’ Era the ‘Magdalen Laundries’ and ‘Smyllum Park Orphanage’ But to name a few, run not only by the Catholic Faith but Protestant too.
We have seen video’s and heard some of the stories of individuals who suffered the most horrific of crimes committed by the church and of course the illegal adoption by both church & state.
Now you have the opportunity to tell your story through our book, I say OUR Book, because that’s exactly what it is, without your story it would only be my book.
A percentage of the royalties of the said book will be donated between several committees who not only work tirelessly to hold commemorations each year to remember the mothers and children who sadly didn’t make it, but also dedicate their time to those who suffer/suffered (The Survivors) and are fighting for justice for their right to ALL documented records of their families who lived or not, through such atrocities.
I will be in Ireland Feb/March (Exact date to be confirmed) speaking to a couple of people who would like their story told, so please get in touch if you would like to speak to me about your story as I will only be in Ireland once after that which is July for the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations because I have others to speak to in the U.K.

*** Please note if you are to have your story told you will have to sign a legal document which I have drawn up which will state several things including the following. ***

1. You agree that your story has been told in your own words and edited by me for the purpose of the book.

2. That you have never in the past or up until the time of agreement of your story signed any gagging order preventing you from talking about your experiences or naming any perpetrators.

3. That on request by me (Belinda Conniss) you submit a copy of any document/s that proves you were connected to the institution that you wish to be named. Any document sent to me will remain private & confidential and NEVER passed on to a third party.

4. You will have a copy of your story sent back to you to read over and approve before it is submitted to the book, this will also be your opportunity to add anything you may remember.

5. You will then receive the final copy to read and sign. You may wish to have your story told but have anonymity which is absolutely fine however,  you will still be required to send me documentation about your connection to the said institution and you will still be required to Sign The Legal Document.

6. As I have mentioned previously you will NOT receive any royalties in part or in whole of the published book, instead you will receive a signed copy of the book.
(A percentage of the books royalties will be donated to various committees to help in several areas, the cost of hospitality each year for the Commemorations, help towards the cost of any item in regards to remembering those who passed away in the form of a plaque or bench, expenses etc and or in any way they see fit that helps with the work they do). You will be required to sign this part too.

So please feel free to get in touch with me which you can do either by email or private mail me on facebook Belinda Conniss Published Author Leave me your details and I will get back to you. You can follow here too were you can stay updated with the progress of the book or on my website; http://www.insideoutlastyle.com



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