Budapest #buda #pest

Budapest #Buda #Pest

What an amazing city for budding photographers I mean, Wow, You really must visit.

Where Buda meets Pest! Two beautiful parts of the city brought together back in 1873 when it entered the new age of prosperity.

Traces of settlements have been found as far back as ‘The Stone Age’  Such interesting history as is with many countries I have visited.

I would highly recommend a visit at least once, for me once was enough. The only thing I found about Budapest is everything is pretty much on the doorstep e,g within the centre.

Once you have done the rounds which took three day’s it’s done, I dare say for the younger generation there will be plenty for them what with clubs and pubs.

Make sure you take plenty money though as I did find food and drink quite expensive, I also found Prague to be expensive certainly two cities I would have thought to be relatively cheap.

There is a vast amount of walking, if like me you book your hotel a little distance away from the centre, Boy, Did I make a mistake right there.

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia it was no walk in the park, more like walk in the dark!

It’s safe to say there was a fair bit spent between on Taxi’s etc, however, I will make sure the next destination is right where I need it to be.

I stayed at the Hotel Mediterran If I had to rate it out of 10 I would give it a 5. It was reasonably clean but it was no fancy hotel, the online photos make it look really pretty inside but it is very dated and to top it off there were what is locally known as Stink Bug also known as ‘The Green/Brown Beetle’ Aww Yuk, This thing was the size of an adult cockroach.

So there was the brown one in the bathroom which hit the floor with such force my friend thought she had dropped something 😂 Actually, it was no laughing matter, we spoke to the Hotel Reception who explained these things come in from outside when the temperature drops.

They change colour to Green, they fly and they make a buzzing sound. Well, if like me you don’t like creepy crawlies then you can imagine to my horror when they said ‘There is a warning notice on reception desk’

So for the last two nights I practically slept under the duvet to avoid those things crawling into my ears or up my nose, and as I snore, I know, Your thinking ‘She admits to that’? I sure do, not all the time mind.

I worried they may fly into my mouth and yes my hubby would probably say well, ‘That might have kept you quite!

Anyway that aside I must talk about the food which was pretty average but enjoyed, we found a Cantonese place called ‘Biang Bisztro’ to eat and OMG Did they serve the most amazing Beef Fried Noodles accompanied by an amazing pot of Tea and they were so good we went back a second night.

All the hotel’s offer a cut price ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ Tour Bus Ticket, DO NOT BUY FROM THE HOTEL. They receive commission from the tickets they sell and the one to avoid is ‘The Giraffe’ Very few and far between and unreliable, they stop taking people at 6.30pm so if you go say to the Jewish Quarters and you miss that bus, which is not marked very well where to wait then you have a very long walk back to your hotel.

We waited that long at various stops I actually thought that the ‘Giraffe has gone back to Africa’ 

I would say stay away from Burger king across the road from the above restaurant, they do not understand a word you say, they are extremely expensive and very very rude, to the point they actually show you by giving you the most appalling service.

I checked them out on Tripadvisor on my return and there are some pretty bad reviews on there, summed up my thoughts.

It’s getting late so I will post another blog on Budapest in the next couple of days with all the information on the sites including the ‘River Boat Tours’ ‘The Big Red Bus’ and some of my best shots in photography.






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