The Beauty of Dundee

The Beauty Of Dundee – Hotel Review

Set in a former textile mill (Jute-Spinning) with natural brick walls, stunning lighting and bespoke furniture it was hard to find something I disliked.

On entry I was quite taken back to find beautiful antique furniture and vintage pieces that you would expect to find in an antique shop, however, this was no antique shop!

As I approached the hotel which, at first glance had me thinking I was stepping into the set of a Harry Potter Movie; I was actually quite shocked to find such eye-catching accessories inside.

Alice, the reception manager was a very friendly and well spoken Lady who had a wealth of knowledge about the hotel’s history, one of the things that I found quite pleasing to hear was the fact that the hotel staff were at the forefront from the start, including their input into the interior design.

The Hotel is run by IHG Group I would recommend you download their App for a host of benefits to suit all your needs.

The bedrooms are of the most exquisite taste and upon entry gave me a feel of being back at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. ‘It can’t be that good, I hear you say’

Well, actually it is, the interior design is very similar to the MGM and the layout as a whole, extremely well laid out and exceptionally clean.

The views from the 5th floor are outstanding with a bird’s-eye view of the River Tay, the Railway Bridge and so much more, not forgetting the Bell Tower.

The Queen size bed with cotton sheets was luxurious and the white tiled bathroom with stunning bath and large walk in shower was such a treat, and last but not least the super fast WiFi.

Restaurant – Food

The Daisy Tasker restaurant is on the ground floor very well-lit and laid out, with a stunning Bar most definitely fit for the high-end of the market.

Charlotte, the young Lady who waited on me from the moment I stepped inside was very polite and accommodating.

My evening meal was as follows; Poached Chicken Caesar – Anchovies, Parmesan & Salt Baked Potatoes. (Highly Recommended ) I savoured every mouthful, in fact if I wasn’t so full I would have ordered it again. This was of course washed down with a couple of glasses of Amaretto.

Breakfast for me wasn’t as good as I would have expected, I have had much better so that was a little of a let down, however, it was edible.

So would I stay there again? Absolutely

Would I recommend to others? 100%

There is so much to see and do in the centre of Dundee, which is where the hotel is situated so that was a huge plus right away, I didn’t have enough time to stay long enough to visit the Museum etc, so if you go give yourself time to check it all out you won’t be disappointed.




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