Behind Closed Doors


‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers

(Secrets that shook the nation, a commodity to the Church & State)

Why have the Church failed to tackle the issue of not only the abuse but the illegal adoption of children in Mother & Baby Homes?

The Clergy e,g many Priests & Nuns had committed the unthinkable yet the Vatican orchestrated and facilitated the cover-up of thousands of raped and abused children, not to mention excepting money in large sums for the illegal adoption of many children.

One of the things that came to my attention while attending the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations was the fact that they used the word ‘Donation’ I mean Really, They actually called the money they received for children Donations.

Just one of the reasons I have decided to write this book, only, I will be donating (After Overheads) The proceeds not only to Sean Ross Abbey committee but other Mother & baby Homes Committees for the hard work and dedication they do in memory of the lost babies.

Every year the mothers and babies are remembered and with the likes of Sean Ross Abbey having this year July 2018 erected not only a bench but the beautiful plaque (See Above Photo) in their memory which comes from donations, I would like to help others for future projects in keeping that memory alive.

There are many individuals who connected and unconnected to the mother and baby homes who think that they should (Let sleeping dogs lie, for want of a better word).

I may or may not be connected having found through my family tree that members of my own Irish family lived in Tuam (Still in the process of research) However, I am in full support of the survivors having not only justice but to have ALL documentation relating to their families released and for them to have named plots to remember those who were sadly buried in unmarked graves.

The Story – Mass Grave

The story of Sean Ross Abbey came to my attention after hearing of the ‘Tuam Babies’ Were approximately 796 children died between 1925-1961 and I say children lightly because it’s believed that most were infants.

What bothers me is the fact that they were buried in a Mass Grave, I cannot understand why or how anyone could be so cold as not to give them a proper burial? (With all the ‘Donations’ as the church called them) then why? They made enough money out of the illegal sale of other children.

But it’s not just all of the above that has touched my heart, it’s the forgotten mothers, the mothers whom the church denied, whom the church called a disgrace to society, and the children whom they shipped off without a care in the world, the lies that they told the mothers and children, the falsification of documents for which they clearly thought would never come to light.


Whilst I am researching every angel of this horrific and heartbreaking story I need you, were you or someone you know connected to the mother and baby homes? If so please get in touch if you would like a little of your story told.

You can still have your side of the story told even if you would prefer anonymity your private information will NOT be published if you don’t want it to.

You can private mail me on the links below and I will call you with arrangements.

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And of course here at Just click the Contact button above. 









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