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Store Closures

So I’m Hearing lately about various store closures House of Frazer, Mothercare are just two of many.

House of Frazer are to close several stores as part of a reconstruction deal that will give control of the retail chain to the Chinese owner of Hamleys.

This could potentially put hundreds of jobs at risk, then of course there is Mothercare both these retailers as well as others have been around for so many years, it saddens me to know that they may in the future no longer exist.

The deal with House of Frazer in closing a number of it’s 59 stores in renegotiating rents with landlords through a company arrangement (CVA) insolvency process which is expected to be launched this month.

House of Frazer is a 169 year old department store a brand name that many have come to love and respect, it was established in Glasgow as Arthur & Frazer back in 1849. ‘So what’s going on?

The sad reality is, landlords are charging an astronomical amount of money for their stores resulting in price hikes for many them.

Sadly in this the 21st Century stores are dropping like flies because their biggest competitor is online shopping, so not many people aren’t walking through the shop door anymore.

Here’s the thing though, while I’m all for online shopping and life made more easy, it’s not so great for and especially the older generation, who incidentally do not or may not have access or be able to use the internet. ‘So what now?

We no longer have Butcher shops etc except in some villages, remote one’s at that, I remember as many will back in the 70’s 80’s and beyond ‘What Every Woman Wants’

I think if my memory serves me correct the last of those stores became defunct around 2003.

It was so easy and a pleasure to walk to our nearest high street to that brand named store or to our local village butcher shop, ‘sad times now though.

My thoughts have been swayed back and forth while I reminisce about the past and our now current situation when it comes to stores, internet and various other changes that has happened in the last forty years or so.

While it’s good to go forward and technology being the way to go, it’s not so good that so many old-fashioned ways of everyday life has changed so fast and not always for the better.

Everything, and I mean everything has changed so much that we are going back instead of forward when it comes to finances, health and general everyday life.







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