#belindatravelstheglobe #USA 2019/20

Belinda Travels The Globe: My Route Has Been Decided.

My route has now been decided, so sit back and follow me as I take you on a journey which will begin in New York Estimated two to three days, when I will be talking travel, hotels, food and of course shopping.

I will then travel to New Jersey, South Carolina, Arizona and Carmel before my final destination, my other home San Diego.

I will be discussing modes of transport as well as the best budget hotels and of course the best places to eat and shop.

That’s not all I shall be talking about, I will also be going live and talking to some surprise guests along the way, No, I can’t reveal who or it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?

You will have to follow me and stay updated but I can promise you it will all be very interesting, and one of my guests or perhaps four? of my guests I will be dining with in one of the above destinations.

bet your itching to know who? There is a little clue on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, that’s all I’m saying. 😉

Right now that’s all I can say on Belinda Travels The Globe, I do however want to remind everyone that my Novel ‘Dear Diary’ Is due to be published July/August this year and ‘House of Darci-Lee’ Is due out between Dec 2018 and Feb 2019.

In between all that I also have my ‘Children’s Book’ which I hope to have published in time for ‘Children In Need’ with all proceeds going to the said charity.

Next week the Spring/Summer Issue of PERUSE Magazine will be available right here http://www.insideoutlastyle.com




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