#Psychology v #Psychiatry


Psychology v Psychiatry

In Mental Health

Although there are differences between the two they are often worked together, but which is the more beneficial when it comes to ‘Mental Health?

My personal thoughts sway more towards Psychology because I’m a firm believer in not pill popping for want of a better word.

I’m not saying that those with mental health issues shouldn’t take prescription drugs I am saying not all who have mental health problems need to be taking medication.

For example; Psychologists have a historical and more formal approach to exploring the abnormal state of mind.

Clinical psychologists work with a wide range of problems from eating disorders to schizophrenia and will specialise in cognitive therapy, also known as neuropsychology.

This results in getting to the root of the problem and working with the patient/client towards new approaches in thinking which in turn changes the behaviours of the individual.

Psychiatrists usually work with people who have more severe disorders, such as schizophrenia and may require some medical treatment, prescribed medication.

A psychiatrist will also look at the psychological factors of the individual in order to decide if and what medication is needed.

Like I said before medication is not always the answer, in fact not many people realise that some of the drugs provided for some issues are indeed only making the diagnosis worse.

So what is the difference between the two? Well, A psychologist will use techniques that get to the root of the problem in order to help with the thought and behaviour processes which in turn changes one’s train of thought resulting in changed behaviour. 

A psychiatrist basically prescribe medication when and where needed, they build their knowledge through observing unusual and distressing conditions in order to prescribe the correct medication.



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